Sunday, December 4, 2011

Life After Poncho......

Libby and I are surviving.
Today was the hardest.
It is the third day since Poncho left.
Yesterday Libby and went for a ride in the neighbors pasture.
I love to ride there.
It is close to home.
It is on 10 acres.
It has a hill.
There are rocks.
Lots of sand.
And even some trees.
Libby was a bit aprehensive at first,
even though we have ridden there many times.
But we both settled in and rode for about an hour.
Just a walk.
A nice calming walk.

We rode also.
This time we just stayed home.
We went out in the big pasture
I found I have to learn how to stay on going up hill.
I did not fall off, but it would of been so easy to 
slide off her butt...
She was careful
I held on.
I worked on guiding Libby
right and left
with just my legs.
 Then, I just let her go where she wanted to.
She walked with a purpose.
She headed up to the small pasture.
She walked straight to the gate that goes out.
It was like she wanted to go out of the pasture to play.
I leaned over and hugged her around her neck
Then the tears fell....into her mane.

I know she is hurting too.
She does not graze as much as she use to
and she spends most of her time
standing in the spot where Poncho's last breath was taken.

She also will not eat out of Poncho hay bin either.
Always before her and Poncho would share.
It was as if she had to hurry and eat as much as she could,
then go work on hers.

Life goes on because that is what it is suppose to do.
The hurt will lessen, and this I know.
But it will take time.
We will heal together,
and travel lots of miles.
And Poncho will forever be on the horizon,
Galloping in the clouds,
and ever watching over us,
because he was Noble like that.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww, that last photo tore at my heartstrings.
Oftentimes a simple photo can say so much more than words can.


Kim said...

Im so sorry for your loss. i dont know you but I cried for you and Poncho last night. I follow 50+horses. I honored Poncho tonight on my blog. He was a handsome soul.

KarenTX said...

I lost a good one suddenly many years ago. I still think about him. Memories can be bittersweet. I'm sorry for your loss.