Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Star thinks lead ropes come with Nickers!

Today the sun shined bright!
So I rushed home from work,
(like I do every day, lately)
Throw on my jeans and T-shirt and my warm coat,
and race out to the pasture to spend time with Star and Libby.
I really wanted to put the saddle on Libby and ride,
but I know that Star needs to understand that 
this is now her home,
and I am her new mommy!
So I gave Libby a dose of wormer,
Threw them a bit of hay,
Star is getting use to being in separate pastures now at the noon time snack.
After I grab a bit of lunch,
I go out to 'play'!
Since Star is so paranoid of the lead rope
I hung it off the side of her feeder when I fed them lunch.
She managed to move it off and finish her lunch.
I could not take pictures of course
but I managed to walk up face to face to pet her.
Gave her a 'nicker' treat.
I got the lead rope around her neck.
Gave her another nicker treat.
She tried to take off, but I held her back.
I moved the rope all over her,
around her neck,
Gave her a nicker treat.
Let the rope fall over her face.
Gave her a nicker treat.
Then I took the rope away.
Gave her a nicker treat.
(See a pattern here?)
She resigned herself to letting the lead rope go all over her.
I got her halter out.
I took it off.
She stood still.
I put it back on.
She stood still.
It was such a good session today!
I went thru a pocket full of nicker treats, 
but I think she is getting the idea, 
that the lead rope is not that bad.
And it comes with NICKERS!

While I had the halter on her, we did some leading.
I even got the brush and brushed her.
Then I picked up each little hoof.
She was an angel about the whole thing.
(I need to be able to get her ready for my farrier on Jan 24th!)

After our session,
I take my bucket and 
I go sit in the pasture.
Libby is busy cleaning up every last bit of lunch,
and Star moves in close to me.
She gets so close that she is almost standing over the top of me.

It was so warm in the sun.
Libby came over and got jealous,
Star moved away, but came back to me,
as Libby's threats go unheeded.

I told Star, that I could just take a snooze out there in the pasture.
She was always on alert though.

Star making her way around Libby.
 Star: "Who's the Ass here?"
 "What ARE you doing sitting there?"
Me: "Waiting for you to play with your toys. I set them up special for you."
Star: " But I don't want toys to play with."
 "I want to hang out with you."
 "Your feet smell funny."
 "Ok. Fine! I will let you get your kisses!"
At one point she is smelling my hair, and coat.
She gets her nose about my shoulder and gives me a good nod.
It was gentle, and I felt like she was saying: "Don't be a bump on a log. PET ME!"
 This was a Kodak moment! The shadow shot! Libby behind me, and Star in front.
 The nose that is so soft and I love to kiss
 She let me put my sunglasses on her!
She is so mellow!
I am awed by that.
 Gotta love the ears!

 Her cute little feet!
Yes, they need trimming, but I think they will be OK for the next month.

I got to thinking though,
I have to introduce her to hubby!
I don't want her chasing him around the pasture this summer!


Mikey said...

She's very cute and coming along so nicely!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Love the shadow shot especially :) xx