Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Star Gradeeated....

Star willingly walked up to me today, even got up from napping
to come to me.
So she got lots of pets and rubs.
 "Hey Star: You passed the test!
Do you want to know what your reward is?"
Star: "What a Chocolate Donut?"
"No Star, you get your halter off today!"
Star is so mellow!
Such a sweet thing!
And since she is so short, 
I had to get on my knees to take these pictures!
She let me kiss her velvet soft muzzle!
Then she had to smell my hair!
 Libby even got a kiss or two.

Then it was time to go out and play in the big pasture.
Star is a bit nervous in the big pasture yet. 
She kept looking up to see where I was.
"Yes, Star. It is ok!
Go play and wander around.
Eat a bit of grass and follow Libby.
She will show you the boundaries."
I sat and watched them for 1/2 hr or so,
In the FREEZING COLD (31 degrees) mind you!
And I will be back out there within the hour, just sitting and watching them.
As cold as it is, I felt warm inside just knowing that 
they have each other.
Star seems to always be on guard.
I don't know if it because she is still not use to all
the different sounds out here or not.
I will give her the winter to settle in, and get use to the routine
around here.
But come Spring, we are going to have lots of adventures!
One other thing I have noticed:
Libby sure wants more attention than she use to!
She is not as standoffish as she use to be.
She could take or leave my company at any time.
Now she HOUNDS me!!!! :))

She can't get enough of "ME"!
Makes my heart sing!


Mikey said...

Awww, that's the best! Great pictures!

Nikker said...

So happy for you, Libby, and Star! (0:

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Adorable! I love the photos of you and Star cuddling...and Libby's nose looking for attention, too.
Such a sweet Lovefest!

Star is lovely!


50+ Horses said...

That is the sweetest Post! I could feel the warmth of it as I read it (36 here)...

Star is adorable. Love how she kept looking at you for assurance with those deep, melt your heart eyes.

Looking forward to more stories about Star and Libby.