Monday, January 17, 2011

Sam Update:

Isn't he a pretty boy?

 The girls have to sit on the "RUG" and wait for dinner.
Otherwise they are under foot.
 Notice Sam!
This is his FIRST TIME of waiting for dinner.
He did so good!
Did not get up until he was invited to eat!

This bottom pic is TONIGHT at dinner.
Which is the third time of sitting and waiting for food.
(This mornings breakfast was the second time.)

This is today at work.
He works very hard over seeing all the paperwork.
He even goes on deliveries.

I can not get over how photogenic he is!
See what I mean!
Just a cutie!
Sam, is a very smart boy!
Very calm!
Does not bark unless the neighbor dogs threaten to invade his space.

I sit and I study my dogs alot.
Now this study includes Sam.

This is my perspective on the whole situation when I brought Sam home:
My Perspective:
Taumee: I am the top dog! My position is secure.
Sydney: I am the motherly figure, I am pretty sure I am secure.
Sassy: I am the baby and bottom of the totem Pole, not to sure.
Sam: I am the male protector! The parameter is safe secure!

Hubby's Perspective:
Taumee: I am cute, I will get my way, and forever stay.
Sydney: Just goes with the flow of life.
Sassy: If I stay quiet and sneaky I will get by.
Sam: My dream come true! 3 bitches and their all fixed!
 Yep, just love my Girls,

Next post:
Sam gets a new home........

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Mikey said...

He IS handsome! What a great dog! I love how they all sit perfectly. I absolutely love to see that. Good manners!