Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sam continues his Journey!

 Sam's Journey in life continues.
I will miss him forever,
but I rest knowing he will have a wonderful life.

This is Sam and his new person.
(Don't they both look so happy together?)
She has wanted a dog for a very long time.
Checking out shelters and all kinds of puppies.

I think she was waiting for Sam to come along.
It will be perfect and Sam will want for nothing.
He will have many adventures.

I think Sam will love his new life!
He sure has a comfy bed, and some good food!

Oh, I get to baby sit him this weekend!

On a bit of a sad note,
The last time I saw Simon, my siamese cat,
he was walking down the driveway to the neighbors.
I think he was on a mission
to find a less dog filled home!

I think when he mistakenly rubbed up against Sam
thinking it was Sydney,
(because he can't see to well)
really embarrassed him!
I hope he comes home soon!


Mikey said...

Aww, I love it! Sam looks like he's chosen her in this picture. I hope Simon gets over himself, lol and comes home soon!

Cappy said...

Yeah for Sam! Much better than a ride across the continent (to DC) with strangers!

Nikker said...

I just love happy endings!! (0:
I hope Simon comes home soon.