Monday, January 17, 2011

Mother Natures Wrath!

Our local River, 
is just full of water!
I decided on my way home to drive down the river road
and take a peek.
There is really only one spot to pull off the road,
to take pictures.

 In this particular area there is no danger of
flooding any home.
 Further Up River towards Hermiston
and especially in Stanfield and Pendleton/Pilot Rock
there are homes that the flooding 
danger is very real.
 I am just glad we live on a hill side.
 If the Dam on the Columbia River ever
breaks, we WILL be trouble though!

Turn your sound down on the video
because the wind was blowing and
it will kill your speakers.

But it is quite awesome.

Oh the wrath and beauty of Mother Nature!

1 comment:

wilsonc said...

The awesome power of mother nature! The river here near where I live has so many snags floating down it I'm surprised they haven't built a dam of their own just by piling up. Maybe I'll get down there later today and try to post a video of that.