Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm an Ole Softy!

Defenseless Animals!
(People really piss me off!)
 On my way home from work today,
I had to make a stop at the post office.
As I pulled in, there were two women and two dogs...
I of course stopped and asked if they were their dogs.
(They were working very hard to gather the dogs.)
One was working and the other one was from out of town.
Both kind Samaritans.

The dogs had almost got hit by the traffic.
(Busy Intersection.)

I got this one in my car.
The other one, a smaller Border Collie,
we could not catch.
So now he is out there all alone!

But this guy, is a sweetheart!
He knows the command sit.
He has manners.
He gets along with all three of my girls.
my Siamese cat that is so cross eyed he can't see straight...
He comes in from outside...
See's 'blondy'
and walks right up to him, and 
starts loving on him!
He is just sniffing Simon, like totally confused,
Simon walks away and things must of become clear for a moment
because he all of a sudden realized, it was not Sydney,
and he hunched his back, and ran behind a chair!
I was laughing so hard, 
and trying to keep things from getting out of hand,
and so I did not get any pictures
because I was in disbelief!

This guy needs a home!
I am sure he was abandoned and no owner will come forward.
It is going to cost me 50 bucks to take him to the local rescue.
I would rather find him a wonderful home.

He is very mild, and is laying beside me as I write this.
He is very huggable.
If you do not live near me, and want him, 
Lets get a transportation line going!

We can make this happen!
I can't Keep him!


mrscravitz said...

Oh, and he is good retriever too!

Mikey said...

Oh that makes me so mad too! Dang people. Are you going to go back and try to get the b&w one?
I hope you find him a home. But I'm thinking he IS home, lol.

mrscravitz said...

NO! Mikey, he is NOT Home! Although I just taught him how to use the doggie door, and I can keep saying "Hey You!" so I been calling him SAM!
I repeat, here is NOT his home! LOL

Nikker said...

You're not soft, you're a good person! (0:
He looks like a very nice boy, are you sure your hubby doesn't need a dog? Totaly looks like a husband dog! (0:
Wish I knew someone looking for a dog, we are all "dogged up" here...and I'm not a lab/golden type o' momma.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for him!

mrscravitz said...

Hi Nikker, yes he loves the hubby!!!! LOL He is so good too! Don't even know he is around. SMART! He learned to catch popcorn after the first three fell on the floor! Taught him to use the doggie door in a matter of minutes....very smart!

Dani said...

Jody you havea big heart I hope he finds good home I surely dont want you out on the street.

Cappy said...

I'm guessing by the various comments that you are out west. If he was near DC, he'd have a home. I've always wanted a yellow lab...

mrscravitz said...

Cappy, I am located in Oregon....But we could put together a train of rides to get the dog to you! I just took him to the vet. He does not have a chip, BUMMER! He knows the commands of Sit, Shake, Kiss, and is learning Stay. He needs some groceries, so i put a bowl of food on the floor, walked to another room to do something. HE LEFT that bowl of food to be my shadow! He and his mate have been on the run for awhile, both are on the skinny side, but very healthy otherwise.

Reddunappy said...

Just a thought, look inside his ears and see if he has tattoos.
If he was a career changed guide dog he will have these!!! Guide dogs would take him immediatly!! if he has those tattoos.
Go by a loval vet and see if they can check him for implant tage tool
Just some suggestions. so sad. we are full, I love labs and goldens.

mrscravitz said...

Rednappy, thank you for the info. I did take him to the vet, and he does not have a chip. There is no tattoo in his ears either. He will sit and just stare at me. I know he is trying to tell me something, but I don't have a clue! I wished I spoke, "dog"! I'm trying! I have not had any luck, and he really needs to find a home! I can not keep him! 4 dogs is just to much for us! So if ANYONE wants to take him on, PLEASE let me know!

Lois Evensen said...

Aw, what a sweet guy. I hope you find a home for him. I am sure he would make a great sea dog out here, but I'm afraid I would be thrown off the ship!