Sunday, January 2, 2011

A different kind of Resolution!

Another year has rolled around.
I never make New Year Resolutions 
because I know I probably won't keep them.
But last year.....
I did make one:
Since it was a pretty mild winter last year,
My neighbor coaxed me into getting Sissy out and
riding her.
Sissy did ok.
I did horrible!
I was a nervous wreck,
although I was confident in that I did not believe 
she would buck me off.
She just did not listen to me, and I did not know how to get her to.
So I took Lessons:
After 3 months of lessons,
I came to the heart breaking decision 
that if I wanted to meet my goal,
(which was to be able to ride my horse by fall,
 along the Columbia River Trails,)
that Sissy was not going to be that horse.

I had been through a lot with Sissy.
The 3-1/2 years that she was a part of my life,
we did a lot.
Halter shows.
You name it, we did it.
I just was not comfortable riding her.

After many tears and feeling like I failed Sissy,
I put her up for sale.
My instructor purchased her.
That I am very grateful for.
Like she told me, 
"Sissy is Broke but not Trained."
Everything fell into place when she said that.
I realized though, that Sissy was a stepping stone in my life.
She was my first-ever horse that I owned.
I picked her out by myself, (mistake).
And I loved her!
So Very Much!
I would sit by the hour and just watch her in the pasture!
She had fluid beauty when she moved.
She taught me a lot though,
and I would like to think that I taught her things too.
I could go out and just love on her, bury my head in her mane/neck
and sniff deep. She smelled so good!

I could do just about anything with her.
She was desensitized to just about everything.
 We, or I should say, "I" had fun with her.
I could not ride her, so I looked for other ways to spend time with her.
Sissy has a wonderful home now.
She now lives at the Ritz Carlton Suites.
(That is what my instructors place is called by the horses that live there.)
Sissy has been getting the "training" that she needs.
I miss her every single day.
But I know she is in good hands.
AND...I know Sissy is HAPPY!

A friend wanted to practice taking pictures of horses, and I invited her
to come use Sissy.
I did not expect to get the pictures of me
with Sissy,
and for that, I am very grateful.

Her and her husband are wonderful photographers!
Visit their website:
2hippos Photography

I never got many pictures of me with her.
This is one of my favorites:
Right after I sold Sissy
a friend of mine, of whom, had been looking for a horse for me,
found one.
(She is very good at matching horses with people.)
She saw this picture on Dreamhorse and 
immediately called the owner. 
She then sent me an email saying she was going to 
go pick her up.
I went...ummmm...OK.
It was on a trial basis.
The next day I went to meet this Libby.
She certainly was not the color I had anticipated
my next horse to be.
(Of course I wanted something more that resembled Sissy)
She certainly did not 'smell' like a horse,
she actually stunk!
(To me grey horses smell icky)

Anyway, I went over everyday, and rode her and got to know her.
I took Libby to my lessons,
and my instructor checked her over,
studied her movements and
decided she would be a good purchase.

Three weeks later the decision was made.
Libby and I would begin a life together.

Here she is the first day in her new digs at my house.

My second resolution in 2010 which did not come till later,
after I was looking at pictures of me riding Sissy.
What I saw was that my butt was as wide as my horse!
Yes, I was FAT!
I never liked to admit it.
Never owned a scale!

I had a hard time getting on my horse,
and with Libby being a lot smaller, 
It was not a pretty sight when I would go to 
mount and my steed would wobble and do everything
to stay standing while I hoisted my big butt up in the saddle.
The final straw was when my horse grunted with my weight after
I settled in for a ride.

Yes I went on a program!
I have lost 48 pounds and still working on the last 5.
I still have not concord the gracefulness of getting in a saddle
but at least I don't pull my horse over and she does not moan at the 
heavy person riding her.

I met my goal!
My neighbor and I went on a ride down by the Columbia River this past fall.
On the sand trails, and it was AWESOME!
I did not take my camera because once again,
I was a nervous wreck, but I had nothing to fear!
Libby was there.

Sometimes our goal stays the same,
how we arrive at it may change!

I have come to love Libby as much as I do Sissy,
only for different reasons.
I loved Sissy, because I could get her to do just about anything from the ground.
Our "tippy-toe" trick was the best.
She was courious, and she always had a presence.
She made sure everyone noticed her.

Libby is quiet, I never know she is around. 
But Libby nickers at me too.
(I just love that)
Sissy never did.

Yes Libby has earned her place in my heart!
I got her to go trail riding with,
but I think this summer might be tough to do.

 Do you get the picture?

Libby is ever so gentle with not only me but the kids too!

So I sneak in a ride when I can:
Even bareback!
Never in my life did I think I would ever ride bareback!
Because two rounds do not make a flat!

Look at this!
I got Libby to side pass Both Directions!
Thank you to my Daughter-in-law who was taking pictures!

Yes, I did have goals for 2010 and I accomplished them!

Now, my goal for 2011?
I am going to start a muscle strengthening program!
(I hate exercising-so will see how it goes.)
so that by fall I can buck bales with my sons!
AND gracefully get into the saddle!


Marilyn said...

What a great post!
We just sold our bony old brown gelding after nursing him back to health. We bought him last June and he was a rack of bones but he made a strong comeback and now he has home with a 12 year old girl, and really, what horse doesn't love a 12 year old girl ♥
It's still so hard to say goodbye though....
Libby looks like a big love :)
Happy New Year!

Lois Evensen said...

Yes, a lovely post. I have been following your blog through this past year. You have such love of family and horses. You're just a beautiful person.


Julie said...

Enjoyed visiting your blog and what a great post. One of the best things I did when I started to ride .. was to buy a lesson horse. He was used to 'unsure' riders and helped me to go to the next level of confidence!

50+Horses said...

You are an inspiration! GREAT Post!