Friday, July 31, 2009


Oh My Gosh!
I can not believe this weather!


This is what we get for having a winter of snow!
Every time there is snow in the winter for any length of time,
we pay for it in the summer time with HEAT!
Of course I love the snow better than the heat!
Me and Hot do not get along to well!
So to cool you off here are some pics.....

Ahhh! Just to have a little bit of that white stuff right now!
Stay Cool!

Happy Birthday to Dana over at LIFE IS GOOD!

I want to wish Dana a Happy Birthday today!
She has turned 60 and that is an accomplishment for some people.
(I read the obits, it is not pleasant sometimes!)
I only hope I get to see 60!

Anyway, Stop on over and wish her the best.
She will love a comment!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update on THE HAND

Just in:

Word is that there are two more bodies missing and they could be found between Palmer Junction and Hermiston Oregon.
Shannon Marie Sloan was known to sell Drugs.
The two men that lived with her are missing.
Her dog was missing until someone found it at Palmer Junction and took it to the vet.
Let the dog be, and FOLLOW IT! Dogs always find their owners!

Jeremiah Johnson was rumored to OWE a lot of money to the drug people.


Could it be Drug Related?

The pond has been checked out by local people, and there is a bit of water still left it in it.
No dead Goldfish could be seen, and there are still live Gold Fish in the water.

I felt bad, because those fish should not of been sacrificed.
It was bad enough that their "full meal deal was taken away!" home was disrupted.

I need to get a hold of CASTLE and let him know! I bet he would get it figured out!
I love him his show.

Maybe He IS working on the Crime in Elgin.
Anyone seen him around?
They are suppose to air the first show of the season
SEPTEMBER 21, 2009

Good Work Castle!

This sure was quick!

Victim in pond murder ID'd

An Elgin woman has been identified as the victim of the Elgin pond murder.

The victim is Shannon Marie Sloan, 51, Sheriff Boyd Rasmussen confirmed this morning.

Sloan’s family was notified by law enforcement officers Tuesday that she had been positively identified as the victim.

Identification was made after her hand, discovered Friday night in a pond south of Elgin, was sent to Clackamas County where it was evaluated by the State Medical Examiners Office.

The hand was found in a pond along Pumpkin Ridge Road. Its discovery was reported to the Union County Sheriff’s Department at 7:40 p.m. Friday.

No additional details are being released because of the ongoing investigation, Rasmussen said.

The murder is being investigated by Union County’s Major Crime Team, comprised of the Union County Sheriff’s Department, the district attorney’s office, the La Grande Police Department, the Elgin Police Department and the Oregon State Police.


Human hand is identified as part of a homicide case

by The Oregonian
Wednesday July 29, 2009, 1:45 PM

A human hand discovered in Union County has been identified as belonging to a 51-year-old woman named Shannon Marie McKillop, the sheriff's office said this morning.

The county's major crimes team is treating the case as a homicide.

The hand was discovered near Elgin, in eastern Oregon, on property owned by the Boise Cascade timber company. It was to be sent to the state medical examiner's office for further study. But the sheriff's office declined to release additional details.

Public records show that McKillop's last known address was 235 N. 15th St. in Elgin. She's also known as Shannon Marie Sloan.

It is amazing that they identified ONE HAND OVER NIGHT like this! Ummm...

Amazing what they can do with only ONE HAND!

Did she have a hang nail?

They would of had to go by FINGERPRINTS and we all know that takes a long time!

So MAYBE there HAD TO BE a BODY to go along with it!

It is amazing that the media thinks we are all stupid!

Could it be that they had MORE THAN THE HAND to identify this person with?

I feel really bad and I hope they catch the person that did this!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mysterious Hand in Elgin Oregon

There is a small town in Eastern Oregon that rests along the foot hills of the blue mountains.
It is a cowboy town. (or use to be).

Not much happens in Elgin, Oregon.
(More information on ELGIN)

Oh, once a year they have what is called the Elgin Stampede which is the high light of every citizen that lives there.

There has even been a movie made called

which takes place around Elgin.
Sammyville is a neighboring community and yes it IS True!
There really is a Sammyville.

But this is not the basis of my story.
My story takes place just yesterday.
The media will wear out a news story.
IE: Michael Jackson, Obama, just to name a few.
But when it comes to REAL news, the kind that hits home....We are lucky to get a blurb.
Well the blurb the other night was:

"A body part in the form of a hand was found near Elgin Oregon.
It has been sent to a lab for identification."

COME ON PEOPLE!!!! You think this is going to satisfy anyone?
Especially when it happens practically in our back yard!
Well here is the story going around town ~ from a few that live there:
(I can not reveal my sources but it comes from someone that lives in Elgin)

There is a pond behind Boise Cascade Mill in Elgin, that has gold fish in it. People would go up there to get gold fish for their homes.
Two people went up there and while scooping out some fish, they saw something floating in the pond. It appeared to be a hand, but the boy was not sure, so he called a friend to come take a look. Freaking out, they determined that indeed it was a hand.
They called the Elgin Police.
In Elgin, the police rarely ever answer, so they called 911.
The sheriff came out to take a look.
Yes it was a hand.
They drained the pond, (poor fishies died), and found a Head.
In near by bushes they found a body in a plastic bag.
They have sent all this to a lab in Clackamas County for Identification.

Everyone is wondering if it could be a boy that has been missing for a week,
Or a girl that has been missing since the Stampede a couple weeks ago.
No one knows for sure.

Someone got a picture of the hand emailed to their phone.
Someone else asked him to email HIM the picture.
First person said, "OH I can't. We were told not to."
"Well someone sent it to YOU didn't they?"
It is all about power.

Now I was not there during this incident,
and this could all just be a "story",
But I doubt it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

This is my 2 horse straight load TRAILER-ET
For my horse I did purchase it.

Some good ole waxing and a little elbow grease
Made it quite pleasing to the eye at least.

Took the hose and washed it out clean
Husband and wife, we make a pretty good team.

Then one day pretty recently
I thought I would try to see if Sissy would fit in it.

Try as we might and as hard as she could.
Sissy said: "No way is my wide a$$ gonna fit is that hood!"

So listening to her and making a decision
I have decided that she just might have a vision

That I need to get a bigger trailer
So that her 'wide a$$' will be comfortable riding in another hauler.

So for sale this little gem will be
All my plans for it, washed out to sea.

All the wheel bearing have been packed,
Hubby made sure right off the bat.

Did not want horse and wife stranded on the road
"Making sure we were safe", I was told.

All the lights work really good,
Even has a center divider that can be removed.

The side windows have been taken off, (they will be included)
There is even an "escape door" up front, which is beautiful!

A place to store tack is not to sizeable,
but will fit your bridles, halters and saddles.

So off to market this little trailer has gone,
Just waiting for that special someone.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


July 13th Sissy stepped on a nail. Don't have a clue where she picked it up.
(Sissy will cut herself on a blade of grass.)
Here she is with Slate, (her bestest friend).
They like to stand head to butt and swish each others faces. It is so cute.
See Sissy's left hind foot tilted?
After two weeks of penicillin shots,
Soaking in Epsom salts.
Cleaning it out.
Rubbing Bigelow Oil on her ankles,
it was time to take drastic measures.

It broke my heart to see her struggling to walk. We did all we could.
So off to the doctors we go.

Here Sissy is a bit drugged up! Digging into her hoof was a bit on the painful side, so doc gave her
a little something to take the edge off a bit.
She sure looked STONED! LOL

Sissy did very well for the doctor. She has never been inside a building before.
This was nice as it was AIR CONDITIONED!

About this time, the doc got a digital thermometer out.
He grabbed Sissy's tail. Her head goes up.
Doc hangs the thermometer out, and SPITS ON IT
then inserts it!
Sissy puckers her bootie up, and I am like, "WHAT THE HECK?"
A Lugie for a Lubie?
If I had not been so shocked I would of busted up laughing.
I do laugh about it now.

Here the Doc is digging into her hoof.
This is the only clear photo I got which shows NOTHING! But there really is a hole there, that he dug
right to her coffin bone to relieve an abcess.

Sissy still on drugs....
Riley was making her feel better.

After she "woke" up, she started snorting at all the new smells again! She never snorts at NEW things,
just NEW SMELLS! That is when I knew, she was back from her trip! LOL
All bandaged up!

There are many uses for Duck tape! Never thought I would see it on my horse! LOL
Today is the second day after the trip to the doc. She is walking so much
better. I have ordered a boot from the internet, because no on in town has any,
that will keep her foot cleaner, since the shoes on her feet, wear out the duck tape!
Yes, leave it to Sissy!

PS: Sissy is an excellent patient. She is so good about letting me doctor her foot.
Lets the doctor, doctor her foot.
It could be she loves the attention too.
If only we could connect as well in the saddle!
Not till she is healed now!
So, once again I have my sights on

Patience is a Virtue!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I am testing this new way of blogging

I am not sure this is going to work, but I see where I can blog via email! Maybe I will post much more to my blog. I enjoy blogging, but sitting down and writing something is not that hard. Posting pictures is much more difficult, because they do not post in the order which I want them. I can only move them around by cutting and pasting in the HTML mode. I can't seem to post to my blog without pictures. Since I love photos, I enjoy putting photos on my blog.
I have not forgotten to post my ROMANIAN side of my trip. I am just trying to figure out what to put up so that I don't bore the socks off you, the reader. Or make it so long that you are at your computer for a week trying to read through it. I want to make it entertaining also.
Till next time.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Screecher Le Pew!

Mr. Screech is my "problem" child!
He is:
Thinks he is a dog.
(remember this last one.)

Our Temps have been in the triple digits and really there is no end to it yet.
Needless to say, I run my A/C 24/7.
(hate that)

Last night, around 11:15 I am in the early stages of falling asleep.
The A/C is running, and my nose smells burning rubber.

Either the neighbors are burning again!
My A/C is giving up on me!

In the back ground, I hear Screecher's raspy meow, announcing he is in for
the night after his adventurous romp around the property.
Sassy and Sydney high tail it out of our bedroom from their usual sleeping spots.
(I don't think to much about this)

I walk to the kitchen, and it is getting stronger. Now it smells like SKUNK!
We have a dog door, for the girls and boys.
We have been fortunate that nothing has decided to come in, "yet".

Screech is following me and talking. Telling me he is hungry.
I make the roundabout trip through the kitchen, check the dog door,
open the patio door, Take a big deep breath and smell....
Close the door, walk to the bathroom. Screech jumps up on the counter to eat....
I am standing in total DISBELIEF!

My cat has been SPRAYED BY A SKUNK!
What are the odds?
I always thought it would of been one of the girls, NOT MY CAT!

He is black and white.
He probably came across a skunk, thought he was looking in a mirror
and decided to "PLAY" or "ATTACK".

(There was one other time, a skunk came up to my gate, and Screech charged it hissing, all fluffed out.)

I shut him in the bathroom, (he had access to outside), as I really did not want to deal with this. I wanted to SLEEP!

But as I lay in bed, the smell kept getting stronger and I really did not want it to seep into my house.

I drag my body out of bed,
Find the "Magic" recipe to clear skunk smell.
Yeah right! There really is no magic recipe!

I mix the ingredients, really doubting all my efforts.
Search for Screech. (he is laying on the patio, probably can't stand his smell either).
Put him in the kitchen sink.
Soak him down best I can.
Poor some of the solution over him.
Rub it in best I can with ONE hand as the other hand is holding onto his front paws.
(My defense)
Lather him up, Rinse him off.


I smell again!




I almost jumped for joy I was so excited!

So I got some towels and got a most unhappy Screech out of the sink.
Dried him off best I could and let him go finish drying himself.
At this point I don't care if he gets on anything and gets it wet.
At least he does not STINK!

This morning, he smells WONDERFUL!
I did put some hairball meds on his front paws, because I KNOW
he probably has one major hairball after all the drying time he spent last night.


Oh yeah, The recipe:

1 QT 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
1/4 Baking Soda

2 TB Dish Detergent.

(I used Dawn)

This is the magical potion, and I would write it down and keep it in a place you can find it if you ever need it!

I should of mixed the solution in my toilet
Put Screecher in it,
Close the lid,
and got my toilet cleaned at the same time!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hungary Experience PART TWO..............

The subways in Budapest Hungary were interesting.
It was like a city within a city.
You could shop for just about anything you wanted below the city in the subways.
The prices were cheaper also.
People were interesting.

Even though I saw people using Cell phones,
I did see a lot of phone booths around.

Under the city in the subway.
One of the older subway

On the subway train.

There were basically three subways that got you around the city underground.
This particular escalator lead to the DEEPEST and the NEWEST subway.
This is also the longest Escalator ever made.
This subway also went underneath the Danube River, which
took approximately 3 minutes.

In the newest subway area, we came across the "swat" team.
Someone was protesting something. I don't know what.
Me being nosy, wanted to hang around and see what all the commotion was about,
But Patricia and her Dad could not get out of there fast enough.
I got Patricia to take this picture, even though she did not want to.

This is the new subway area.

Patricia Dad, My pen pal, is an emergency room doctor in Budapest.
This is the hospital in which he works.

Front entrance to the hospital.

This is called HEROES SQUARE.

It is magnificent in that all the statues are very interesting and I had fun Photographing them.

The next two photos are interesting and a couple of my favorites that I took.
They almost seem to be staring into my soul.

Now wouldn't this look neat to devise a halter from the antlers of the elk that you hunt.

The weekend following our visit to Heroe's square they were having a celebration.
This happened to of been the second year for this celebration.
They turned the parameter of Heroes Square into a Horse track.
They rode in period garment.
Had war re-enactments.
Special entertainment.


It rained so hard.
We were so wet.
It was quite miserable.

We left, and went to the Subway to dry out.
Took the subway to the mall.

And Ate Lunch!
This is greek food of some sort.
(Patricia Ordered it for me.)
And it sure was tasty and delicious!

We went and saw so many things.
I can not even think of including all of my photos.
Picking and choosing what to share has been so hard, and this is why it is taking
me so long to finish my story.
But here is the Danube River.

This is a view point of the Danube.
Loved this wall, and we all gathered around
and Patricia set her camera to take the photo.

Me and Attila next to the Danube.

We then went to visit this Basilica.
It was very beautiful and quite humbling to visit here.

From the top of the Dome in the center, you can see across the Danube into
the next country, Slovakia.

This is down town Budapest, and this is the Parliament building which is the most
beautiful building in all of Hungary.
It is majestic
Architecturally amazing!

Here is an inside market that had everything!
I really enjoyed walking around here and seeing all that was for sale.
It was two stories high, WITH A basement too!
THREE stories of food for sale by individual
gardeners, butchers, and dairy farmers.
Plus tons of souvenirs and crafts.

Now on to......