Monday, July 6, 2009

Hungary Experience PART TWO..............

The subways in Budapest Hungary were interesting.
It was like a city within a city.
You could shop for just about anything you wanted below the city in the subways.
The prices were cheaper also.
People were interesting.

Even though I saw people using Cell phones,
I did see a lot of phone booths around.

Under the city in the subway.
One of the older subway

On the subway train.

There were basically three subways that got you around the city underground.
This particular escalator lead to the DEEPEST and the NEWEST subway.
This is also the longest Escalator ever made.
This subway also went underneath the Danube River, which
took approximately 3 minutes.

In the newest subway area, we came across the "swat" team.
Someone was protesting something. I don't know what.
Me being nosy, wanted to hang around and see what all the commotion was about,
But Patricia and her Dad could not get out of there fast enough.
I got Patricia to take this picture, even though she did not want to.

This is the new subway area.

Patricia Dad, My pen pal, is an emergency room doctor in Budapest.
This is the hospital in which he works.

Front entrance to the hospital.

This is called HEROES SQUARE.

It is magnificent in that all the statues are very interesting and I had fun Photographing them.

The next two photos are interesting and a couple of my favorites that I took.
They almost seem to be staring into my soul.

Now wouldn't this look neat to devise a halter from the antlers of the elk that you hunt.

The weekend following our visit to Heroe's square they were having a celebration.
This happened to of been the second year for this celebration.
They turned the parameter of Heroes Square into a Horse track.
They rode in period garment.
Had war re-enactments.
Special entertainment.


It rained so hard.
We were so wet.
It was quite miserable.

We left, and went to the Subway to dry out.
Took the subway to the mall.

And Ate Lunch!
This is greek food of some sort.
(Patricia Ordered it for me.)
And it sure was tasty and delicious!

We went and saw so many things.
I can not even think of including all of my photos.
Picking and choosing what to share has been so hard, and this is why it is taking
me so long to finish my story.
But here is the Danube River.

This is a view point of the Danube.
Loved this wall, and we all gathered around
and Patricia set her camera to take the photo.

Me and Attila next to the Danube.

We then went to visit this Basilica.
It was very beautiful and quite humbling to visit here.

From the top of the Dome in the center, you can see across the Danube into
the next country, Slovakia.

This is down town Budapest, and this is the Parliament building which is the most
beautiful building in all of Hungary.
It is majestic
Architecturally amazing!

Here is an inside market that had everything!
I really enjoyed walking around here and seeing all that was for sale.
It was two stories high, WITH A basement too!
THREE stories of food for sale by individual
gardeners, butchers, and dairy farmers.
Plus tons of souvenirs and crafts.

Now on to......

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Gertrude Groggins - said...

You should have your own travel show! I feel like I've actually been there now and I LOVE the pics!