Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update on THE HAND

Just in:

Word is that there are two more bodies missing and they could be found between Palmer Junction and Hermiston Oregon.
Shannon Marie Sloan was known to sell Drugs.
The two men that lived with her are missing.
Her dog was missing until someone found it at Palmer Junction and took it to the vet.
Let the dog be, and FOLLOW IT! Dogs always find their owners!

Jeremiah Johnson was rumored to OWE a lot of money to the drug people.


Could it be Drug Related?

The pond has been checked out by local people, and there is a bit of water still left it in it.
No dead Goldfish could be seen, and there are still live Gold Fish in the water.

I felt bad, because those fish should not of been sacrificed.
It was bad enough that their "full meal deal was taken away!" home was disrupted.

I need to get a hold of CASTLE and let him know! I bet he would get it figured out!
I love him his show.

Maybe He IS working on the Crime in Elgin.
Anyone seen him around?
They are suppose to air the first show of the season
SEPTEMBER 21, 2009

Good Work Castle!

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