Thursday, July 30, 2009

This sure was quick!

Victim in pond murder ID'd

An Elgin woman has been identified as the victim of the Elgin pond murder.

The victim is Shannon Marie Sloan, 51, Sheriff Boyd Rasmussen confirmed this morning.

Sloan’s family was notified by law enforcement officers Tuesday that she had been positively identified as the victim.

Identification was made after her hand, discovered Friday night in a pond south of Elgin, was sent to Clackamas County where it was evaluated by the State Medical Examiners Office.

The hand was found in a pond along Pumpkin Ridge Road. Its discovery was reported to the Union County Sheriff’s Department at 7:40 p.m. Friday.

No additional details are being released because of the ongoing investigation, Rasmussen said.

The murder is being investigated by Union County’s Major Crime Team, comprised of the Union County Sheriff’s Department, the district attorney’s office, the La Grande Police Department, the Elgin Police Department and the Oregon State Police.


Human hand is identified as part of a homicide case

by The Oregonian
Wednesday July 29, 2009, 1:45 PM

A human hand discovered in Union County has been identified as belonging to a 51-year-old woman named Shannon Marie McKillop, the sheriff's office said this morning.

The county's major crimes team is treating the case as a homicide.

The hand was discovered near Elgin, in eastern Oregon, on property owned by the Boise Cascade timber company. It was to be sent to the state medical examiner's office for further study. But the sheriff's office declined to release additional details.

Public records show that McKillop's last known address was 235 N. 15th St. in Elgin. She's also known as Shannon Marie Sloan.

It is amazing that they identified ONE HAND OVER NIGHT like this! Ummm...

Amazing what they can do with only ONE HAND!

Did she have a hang nail?

They would of had to go by FINGERPRINTS and we all know that takes a long time!

So MAYBE there HAD TO BE a BODY to go along with it!

It is amazing that the media thinks we are all stupid!

Could it be that they had MORE THAN THE HAND to identify this person with?

I feel really bad and I hope they catch the person that did this!

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