Sunday, July 26, 2009


July 13th Sissy stepped on a nail. Don't have a clue where she picked it up.
(Sissy will cut herself on a blade of grass.)
Here she is with Slate, (her bestest friend).
They like to stand head to butt and swish each others faces. It is so cute.
See Sissy's left hind foot tilted?
After two weeks of penicillin shots,
Soaking in Epsom salts.
Cleaning it out.
Rubbing Bigelow Oil on her ankles,
it was time to take drastic measures.

It broke my heart to see her struggling to walk. We did all we could.
So off to the doctors we go.

Here Sissy is a bit drugged up! Digging into her hoof was a bit on the painful side, so doc gave her
a little something to take the edge off a bit.
She sure looked STONED! LOL

Sissy did very well for the doctor. She has never been inside a building before.
This was nice as it was AIR CONDITIONED!

About this time, the doc got a digital thermometer out.
He grabbed Sissy's tail. Her head goes up.
Doc hangs the thermometer out, and SPITS ON IT
then inserts it!
Sissy puckers her bootie up, and I am like, "WHAT THE HECK?"
A Lugie for a Lubie?
If I had not been so shocked I would of busted up laughing.
I do laugh about it now.

Here the Doc is digging into her hoof.
This is the only clear photo I got which shows NOTHING! But there really is a hole there, that he dug
right to her coffin bone to relieve an abcess.

Sissy still on drugs....
Riley was making her feel better.

After she "woke" up, she started snorting at all the new smells again! She never snorts at NEW things,
just NEW SMELLS! That is when I knew, she was back from her trip! LOL
All bandaged up!

There are many uses for Duck tape! Never thought I would see it on my horse! LOL
Today is the second day after the trip to the doc. She is walking so much
better. I have ordered a boot from the internet, because no on in town has any,
that will keep her foot cleaner, since the shoes on her feet, wear out the duck tape!
Yes, leave it to Sissy!

PS: Sissy is an excellent patient. She is so good about letting me doctor her foot.
Lets the doctor, doctor her foot.
It could be she loves the attention too.
If only we could connect as well in the saddle!
Not till she is healed now!
So, once again I have my sights on

Patience is a Virtue!


wilsonc said...

Be really careful with the boot. I used one on Boo and it rubbed a sore on him that ended up being a bigger problem than the original one. We use duct tape and disposable baby diapers to keep the foot clean.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww, poor Sissy...and poor you having to be so worried about your mare.
I've read the same thing that Wilsonc said about the diapers and duck tape. Much better than those fancy soaking boots.
I sure hope Sissy heals quickly. But at least she's being a good patient.