Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mysterious Hand in Elgin Oregon

There is a small town in Eastern Oregon that rests along the foot hills of the blue mountains.
It is a cowboy town. (or use to be).

Not much happens in Elgin, Oregon.
(More information on ELGIN)

Oh, once a year they have what is called the Elgin Stampede which is the high light of every citizen that lives there.

There has even been a movie made called

which takes place around Elgin.
Sammyville is a neighboring community and yes it IS True!
There really is a Sammyville.

But this is not the basis of my story.
My story takes place just yesterday.
The media will wear out a news story.
IE: Michael Jackson, Obama, just to name a few.
But when it comes to REAL news, the kind that hits home....We are lucky to get a blurb.
Well the blurb the other night was:

"A body part in the form of a hand was found near Elgin Oregon.
It has been sent to a lab for identification."

COME ON PEOPLE!!!! You think this is going to satisfy anyone?
Especially when it happens practically in our back yard!
Well here is the story going around town ~ from a few that live there:
(I can not reveal my sources but it comes from someone that lives in Elgin)

There is a pond behind Boise Cascade Mill in Elgin, that has gold fish in it. People would go up there to get gold fish for their homes.
Two people went up there and while scooping out some fish, they saw something floating in the pond. It appeared to be a hand, but the boy was not sure, so he called a friend to come take a look. Freaking out, they determined that indeed it was a hand.
They called the Elgin Police.
In Elgin, the police rarely ever answer, so they called 911.
The sheriff came out to take a look.
Yes it was a hand.
They drained the pond, (poor fishies died), and found a Head.
In near by bushes they found a body in a plastic bag.
They have sent all this to a lab in Clackamas County for Identification.

Everyone is wondering if it could be a boy that has been missing for a week,
Or a girl that has been missing since the Stampede a couple weeks ago.
No one knows for sure.

Someone got a picture of the hand emailed to their phone.
Someone else asked him to email HIM the picture.
First person said, "OH I can't. We were told not to."
"Well someone sent it to YOU didn't they?"
It is all about power.

Now I was not there during this incident,
and this could all just be a "story",
But I doubt it.


Mikey said...

That's very sad, and more than a little freaky. Odd, we were just talking about Elgin today at work...

So sad that people still disappear so often. What a very scary world that we live in.

Unknown said...

I lived in Elgin oregon for 50 years and any thing can happen in that Dump town. The people are so jellouse and well lie and steele in a minute. Every one smokes and drinks like it is going to be aganst the law.. Ya I know Elgin!! They burgerlise my parents house every week.And it has not been a cowboy town in 20 years !! All the cowboys in Elgin would rather sit on a bar stoole then ride a horse. The real cowboys of Elgin are the women.Therest of the men are all hat and no cow except Joe Bectal who is the best cowboy to ever come out of Elgin. Casey Tibbs