Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What a STORM!

This was the sunset before the storm.
Temps were the highest on record, and on my back porch the thermometer read 94 degrees F. 
Yes that is right!
I almost turned the air conditioner on, but somehow doing that in April goes against my belief that it is just not time to turn it on yet.

The night began with Sydney and Sassy both trying to climb into my lap!
Normally storms do not bother them.

The air was heavy and very quiet.
The light show began.
I never saw any of the beautiful streaks everyone else saw,
because there is a hill behind our house.

But here is one taken by 
(I found a flicker album, click his name, and you can search his name on FB. He does amazing photography.)
from Facebook and this is what he said:
"This is a composite of three or four frames, all shot in the same position over a couple minutes time."

The thunder never really boomed, it more or less just rumbled.
So I came in the house.
Not five minutes later, 
Hurricane force winds hit and the trees were bent over....
Things were flying past the window that I had no idea what they were.
Doors slammed shut in my house,
because I had all the windows open.

At one point I ran outside to save my tomato plants,
Got eyes FULL of dust,
and had to use a life line just so the wind would not blow me away!
The rains came, settled the dust,
 and Morrow County reported a high level of rain that fell within that hour.
(I don't remember how much) 

After about half an hour, 
all was silent.
The rain continue to fall for another half an hour.

It was so hot in the house!
but now I could open the windows!

When we got up this morning and surveyed the damage.
I saw nothing. Not even limbs from the tree.
Then hubby comes in and says there is something in the pasture.....

A big piece of metal!
Yes, it came from the little shed just to this side of the lean-to!
(Used my gieger  counter to check for any nails lost, and did find three.)

No one was injured, but my poor donks were very skittish this morning.
Poor things.

I have been SICK for FOUR days! UGH!
Started with a chest cold,
knocked that down with Airborne and Zicam,
but then there was no stopping it from going into my head.
My nose was so plugged, I seriously could not breathe!
Two sleepless nights did not set well!
TODAY, finally my nose is clearing out! 
I was dizzy most of the day,
but I am feeling way better than I did.

Update on Donkeys:
Everyone is getting along really great!
Star and Buddy are glued to Libby!
I NOW have TWO donkeys running the fence when I take Libby out!
But not as bad as Star was when she was by herself.

I caught the two of them napping, with Libby standing guard.

 Buddy has the cutest face on him,
And it is so hard to get a good picture of Star because she
has to be IN MY POCKET all the time!

Libby talks to me a lot, and I just love her Nickers....
Star brays and lets me know when it is feeding time.
Buddy still squeaks, 
The other day, he DID get a bray out!
It was raspy, and I know he was trying very hard!
I felt like a mom, when her child says it first words!
I had to run and tell hubby,
"Buddy Talked! Did you hear that?"

Their most favorite thing is 
"Spa" time.
Yes, they all get brushed almost every single day.
And I can NOW pet Buddy between and on and in his ears, 
Pick up ALL four feet and clean them!
Libby is shedding like crazy,
but the donkeys are not so much.

Since I have been sick,
I have not made it out to the pasture, 
except to feed, (and that was an effort),
and they have let me know too,
because they are both flighty today.

Could be because of the storm last night.
But all I have to do is halter up Libby,
and start brushing on her,
and I have two donkeys behind me, 
begging for some brushing!

I am teaching everyone ground tying,
and they all do pretty good.


Lois Evensen said...

Wow, what a storm! I hope you feel better soon.


Donkey Bums said...

Hi, it's always good to read about someone else with the same interests(donkeys, donkeys, donkeys!) as me! You're two are absolutely adorable! I haven't heard mine bray yet, they must be too happy and well fed! Mine are all still babies, I've been clicker training them to lift their hooves to help the farrier....so far so good! Nice to meet you and looking forward to more stories.

Pamela D. Hart said...

Mrs. C, the storm sounds super scary and they can be dangerous, but the pictures are pretty. I'm glad you and your family, including the 4 legged ones are safe!

I'm sorry to hear you are under the weather (no pun!). And hope you are up and about soon!

The pictures of your "babies" are adorable! I just love how the donkeys lie down like dogs! Looks like a person could go snuggle up next to them! ;-)

Keith Andrea said...

.,this is a nice reading... We hope you feel better soon.,

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