Sunday, April 8, 2012

Libby Talked today!

When I was 9, 10, 11 years old,
Mom would get a paycheck from the government the first of each month.
It was Social Security drawn from my father who passed away when I was 9.
Back then she got $97.00 for each of us 3 kids, and for herself.
Rent was $100.00 a month.
I was a kid and now as an adult, I still don't know how she did it.

The highlight of each month, 
was to go to the local IGA store.
Get a dozen Chocolate eclairs,
sit in our '67 Chevy Belair
and the 4 of us would pig out!

We would sit stuffing our face,
(This was the only sweets we would get each month.)

We would sit and watch the people.
Study them....
Mom and I would ask questions,
Like "What do you think they are shopping for?"
"Do you think she is happy?"
"Why do you think they are in a hurry?"

We would make a game out of it.

This has carried thru in my life.
To this day,
I would prefer to sit in the mall and people watch!

This has also carried over to my kids in raising them,
and to my animals.
the neighbors animals!

(Yes this is leading up to a story)

I have five grandchildren.
and I hope at least ONE of them will be a cowboy/cowgirl!

 He knows what he wants and you can not deter him!
"I Wide Wibby!" and nothing else!

I have yet to introduce him to Libby.

Loves to ride when he comes out.

 So our eldest came over with their kids.
Briann (3) and Kaden (1).

Briann came wearing her darling Snow White dress that she got for Halloween, and her boots! She was ready to ride.
She is willing to ride horse AND donkeys!

So we go out and get Libby.
After a few laps around the pasture,
I ask if she wants to ride Buddy the Donkey!

"YES!" "YES!" she said.

So I take her off Libby.
She stands next to her mom.
I take Libby's halter off.
Libby follows me over to Buddy.  She is on my left.
Buddy is on my right, and I am in the middle.

She just stands there. Right next to me.
She ALWAYS walks off in search of a blade of grass when I take the halter off.
This was very odd behavior for her.

I put the halter on Buddy.
I have to step out and in front of Libby to have room to walk Buddy.
Libby steps to my right, and right in-between Buddy and me.
Buddy's lead rope in under Libby's neck.

She just stands there.
I am taken aback, and I look at her.

I move over, and try to walk Buddy around her.
She steps forward and stays between me and Buddy!
She is very calm!
Not pushy!
Just standing there!
Keeping herself in-between Buddy and me.

Now I am on alert and I study, and play over in my mind, what has just happened!

I got the message LOUD and CLEAR!

Libby was telling me, that Buddy was not ready to give a little girl a bareback ride,
and he needs more time in school to know how to take care of her!!!!!

YES LIBBY! I get it!

So I take the halter back off Buddy,
Put it back on Libby,
and we continue to give little kids a ride!

I am still stunned by her actions!
And I love her all the more!

When it came time for Kaden to get to ride,
We put him on with his big sister, Briann.

The giggles that came from him was the most precious music to my ears!

They both had fun, and neither wanted to get off.
I need a horse walker! TEEHEE!
The only way to end the ride was to tell Briann,
that Libby is getting tired and she needs to rest!
(in fact it was 'grama' and 'mom' that were getting tired! LOL)

The day that doesn't work anymore,
I hope she will be riding on her own!


Lois Evensen said...

What a darling post. :)

Ms. ~K said...

Giddy-up! :)

Pamela D. Hart said...

What BEAUTIFUL grandchildren! You are truly blessed!

And how smart is Libby! I hope she got extra treats! ;-)