Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Once upon a Time
We lived in town.
Next door lived a very good friend.
Her kids and my kids played together quite a bit.

Her and I had many laughs!
I think the one time I remember laughing so hard
was at Halloween.
I used to like to dress up for the holiday!
I was a witch...

(Let me clarify: Dressed UP Like a witch)

At the time I drove a blue FIAT!
It was old. The boxy 4 door, kind.
NOT the sporty kind,
Boy did we have fun in that car!
It would 4-wheel on all the sandy roads in the area.
It could grab just as much air as the 4-wheelers these days!
(Oops, sorry honey!)
None of which are accessible today, of course.
The kids loved it! "Faster mom! Go Faster"!
and Faster I went!
Oh, an this was before the seat belt law!
The kids had so much fun bouncing around in the back seat!
(I think. Maybe they were rendered unconscious at times!)

This particular Halloween we went to town.
The looks people gave us as we drove down the street would just send us into fits of laughter.

I do not have any pictures of me then.
Wished I did, because I won a Halloween contest that year.
(I make a good witch! LOL)

Times changed.
She moved.
We lost touch.

Then I get this new job!
I now work with her!
it is so awesome!
Things are not the same...
But I am working on it.

I love being around her!
She still makes me laugh!

Friends come and go,
and you always miss the ones that meant the most!

One day this past January, it was pretty nice out.
I got her to come over and visit.

One thing let to another, and 
She took Libby for a spin.
Libby had to get fueled up first.
Around the telephone Pole,
and where they end up,
Nobody knows!
Of course walking at a snails pace,
(Which is Libby's lazy speed)
They can't end up to far.
It was a wonderful day!
With a wonderful Friend!

Next time, 
You ride Libby,
I ride Buddy!
We will see how far we get!

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

hehe...reminds me of the video I posted with Apache and "racing" around the baby pinon trees. lol!
I think a snail passed us by and won. lol!

Great post about a dear friend. How interesting to be back together again through your jobs.