Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Friends Cont......

When I was in school,
I had a very close friend,
and we did EVERYTHING together!

I was always the gutsy one.
Full of ideas for entertainment,
and usually the one that always got us into pickles.
Nothing ever major.
And, as life has a way of interfering,
we lost touch.

I find that I get older I like to make contact with the people that
have meant a lot to me in my life time.
(Am I getting old and sentimental? Maybe.)

So one day I popped onto her door step,
I knew she had a horse.

When she answered the door, 
Me, being a practical joker said:
 "I heard you have a horse for sale."
If looks could of killed I would of been dead,
but all I could do was start laughing!

Then she knew who I was!
It was great!

Since then we have been in contact and someday
I hope to go riding with her.
But ONE of us would need to transport our horse
since we live in two different towns.
Since "I" have the horse trailer,
I suppose that would be me,
and since I am NOT comfortable hauling
such precious cargo,
I don't think it would be any time soon.
SO, she comes over here and we ride.

But on this day, 
We both rode Libby.
 Libby is so accommodating.
And, we took turns riding her.
The main reason
was she wanted to see Star!
Star is a little luv bug
and she got in some nice little luv'ins.

 Libby: "What did you drop?"
 Star: "You smell good. I will be your friend."
Star does not let anyone come up to her,
but she was in "J's" pocket this day.
I look forward to making up for lost time.

I know I have lots of fun when we are together!
I only hope it is the same for her.

and here is to a summer full of riding experiences!


Pamela D. Hart said...

That is SO awesome! Some friendships are meant to last a lifetime! I'm so glad you met up with your "lifetime" friend now you two can pal around, or would that be "horse" around! ;-)

Ms. ~K said...

Yep, I would say you two are "back in the saddle" together again! :)