Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cookie Disaster!

Everyday I read:

(Click above for some gorgeous COOKIES!)

to see what beautiful cookies are featured for the day!
Some ALL are just breathtaking and she makes it look so darn EASY!

So being a "has been" cake decorate in another life,
I got out my colors and tips.
Couldn't find my bags so I used baggies. 
Works great!
I made the dough and baked the cookies.
Did not break a single one of them.
Of course I could of used the cookies for disk's and really hurt someone!
But they were nice and neat!
By the time I get to THIS PART
It has been THREE HOURS!
and lots of taste tests, I have only three cookies left!

Ok, I had four!
I was so tired about 4 hours into this,

My back was killing me from standing.
I was sick of eating more than I should!
So I just did a scribble design!
All pretty and colorful,
But not near as neat, nor even looked like the picture.
I have a horse cookie cutter too....

NOT EVEN going attempt what I want to with THAT ONE!!


Pamela D. Hart said...

I think they look great and yummy!

I couldn't bake anything for 3 or 4 hours. I can barely do the Phillsbury-cut-the-cold-dough-and-drop-it-on-a-cookie-sheet thing.

There are two things I want to do in a kitchen.

Drink coffee and eat.

Thank goodness my husband cooks, or we'd be eating out every night!

If you want to send some of those cookies my way, I'll gladly taste test them for you! ;-)

Fat Bottom Farm said...

We make cookies for every holiday, but nothing fancy like your boots. I found a recipe that's just like the pink frosting sugar ccokies you see everywhere and then just use a buttercream frosting and waaalah... Two hours later a destryed kitchen, a frosting sprinkle crumb covered kitchen table and two dozen cookies to consume :)

Tom Stewart said...

Hi, I think that you took a look at my Blog and became my 28th follower!?
So I came to take a look at yours and I'm hooked!
I will be back and will start reading your Blog from the begining!
I hope you will be back to read mine and leave a comment or two!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! So funnny. That boot cookie on the far left in the middle row, reveals much of how you were feeling at the time...looks like you were pretty exhausted...or was drinking too much wine then. lol!

Love it!
So much work for making such special cookies...only to eat them all up in seconds. whew! I'm not motivated to make anything like that at all. Let's just eat the cookie dough instead and call it a day. lol!