Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How many birds?

How many birds can fit in a bird feeder?
Well this one is an antique light cover, and it is pretty neat.
Up until now, only one bird was allowed to eat.
They would chase anyone away the even thought of sharing...
No sharing was allowed!
 Then we had about a week of ROBINS!
Oh my the pastures were just covered in them.
I have not in all my life seen this many robins.
It was just beautiful.
And I loved to listen to them.
I would sit and watch them.
They would fight over a worm and it was so cute.
 They sure were FAT!
I don't know how this guy got off the ground but he did.
I don't know where all the birds went, but I don't see any more Robins,
and very few snow birds.
This all happened about 2 weeks ago.
Yes, I am lagging in my blogging!
Blame it on Pedro!
Update coming.......


Pia said...

What an impressive flock of Robins! I have also never seen so much of them together. There is one pair in my garden and I love them.
They are not FAT :-) they just fluff their feathers.

Carolynn said...

I love your bird feeder! So unique and pretty. So much nicer than our effective, yet boring plastic model.