Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pedro/Buddy is home....

Pedro? Buddy? I really like the name Buddy, but he responds, sometimes to Pedro.
Last Weekend:
Well ButtHead Pedro/Buddy Is on his home turf!
And he is quite bossy!
 Right now his temporary home is the round pen.
It very well might become his permanent home!

ButtHead Pedro"Do I smell some cookies?"

ButtHead Pedro:  "I just KNOW there is a cookie in your pocket!"

 Star: "Mom? Did you bring somebody home?"
ME: "Yes Star. He is your new buddy!"
 Star:  "Ok I will go be nice to him and welcome him home!"
Well ButtHead Pedro made points right off the get go!
He pinned his ears at Libby, and glared at Star. You can't see it in the picture, but Star is hiding in the lean to.

Libby doesn't care one way or the other. She just floats.

I thought I would let them all out together.
Come what may!
I kept watch just in case....

For the most part:
ButtHead Pedro chased Star and tried to put the power on Libby.
One good swift kick with her hind feet, and then just ignoring him put him in his place.
But poor Star...
She tried!
She gave it her all....
Her legs are just to short!
ButtHead Pedro chased her all around.
He only quit chasing her after Star went and hid in the lean to.

He was totally happy when he had Libby all to himself!
The little monster!

At one point, Star and ButtHead Pedro were like a couple of kids....
Star made a run for Libby and put Libby between her and him...
THEN she ran to me, and tried to hide behind me...
But then she kept on going, and I was not in any danger.
I had my whip just in case though.

So I could not take it anymore,
I put ButtHead Pedro back in his round pen, and put Libby back with Star.

I have determined that ButtHead Pedro wants everything to himself!
He is a very jealous and possessive boy!

I do not know how to work this out.
My plan is to let them all out together about an hour a day.

I don't want to Star to be alone, That will NOT do!
That was not the point in getting ButtHead Pedro.

So anyone have any ideas?
I am willing to try anything to get them all to get along.
I really want this to work, because ButtHead Pedro
IS REALLY A sweet boy
and knows a lot of stuff.


Karen V said...

Rearrange your panels to make two smaller pens.put Butthead in one, Star in the other, and keep Libby away for a couple of days. Put their water and hay in the same place with a panel between them. After a week, take them both for a ride on the trailer.

Laura Crum said...

I like Karen V's idea. I don't have donkeys, so am no expert, but I can say that it often takes time for horses to sort out the pecking order and become buddies. I like to do this in side-by-side corrals, not turned loose together. Its safer, and the underdog is not so scared.

Pamela D. Hart said...

It sounds like my house with the 3 dogs. They say it's a pack now. My 2 olders ones are trying to figure out their "order" since I brought home the new puppy. But YIKES it's been almost 3 flipping months! The older dog is taking the longest to warm up. I'm thinking she's the Alpha. The witch.

If donkeys and horses are anything like dogs, it's just gonna take time and lots of Vodka...I mean patience.

They are cuties though.

The Dancing Donkey said...

I think they just need some time. They look confused more than anything. If the donkeys have not been raised with other donkeys, they will want to be with each other, but they may not know how yet. They will figure it out. I saw no real aggression, just confusion and protectiveness on all sides. Give them a day or two to get to know each other over the fence. I also like Karen V's idea.

This is pretty typical herd dynamics, the girls feel threatened by the new guy. He wants to join in, but also feels threatened. once they all relax and start talking, they will be fine. they are a great looking bunch.

The Dancing Donkey said...

By the way, I think you should name him whatever feels best for you. If you like Buddy, then go with it. Just be consistent and he will figure it out very quickly.

Nikker said...

Hitting the "like" button for Karen's idea.
My donkey's act just like Pedro/Buddy/Butthead when a new horse is added to our place. Takes them about two days to quit acting like someone stole their brains from them. (0:

Pia said...

I have no idea how to handle the situation I just know I would love to be there with my camera.
This Rambo Pedro Buddy is a cutie! Hope all became friends soon!