Saturday, January 28, 2012


During the ice that fell last week
Which kept the equines locked in their small pasture: 
(That is NOT snow! It is an inch of ICE on the ground)
Nothing was spared!
Even our roof!

Hubby had to get up there and chip away at it.
On this day, it was 42 degrees and MELTING rapidly, 
But not fast enough.
It was backing up under the eve's and leaking down our patio door.
This stuff was like snot.
Ever slip on snot?
Ok then ~ a banana?
Thank goodness hubby did not slip.
And once the ice was all chipped away,
the leaking stopped and our roof was saved!
We won that one!

1 comment:

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your hubby is scaring me up on that ice covered roof. eek!

I'm glad it's finally melting and it didn't cause any serious damage. I really dislike ice. Except in my glass. With a Margarita. :)