Saturday, January 21, 2012

ICE Storm!

They were predicting SNOW!
4-8" of the pretty white stuff.
we got ICE!
Lots of it!
 This is our driveway.
We could put ice skates on skate.
I worry sick about Libby and Star
walking on this stuff.
I can hear them as their hoof steps resound in the eerie quiet.
And if it wasn't for these wonderful boots I bought at the coast to walk in the surf with
I would be housebound and the equines would starve!

Instead I make my way out gingerly across the
inch of slick stuff, and feed.
All the while praying that Libby doesn't do anything stupid and slip and fall. 
Because if she did, she would not ever get back up.
My water faucet is safe from the ice due to a good idea by 
(Click to see)
 I could skate around the shop,
but I might get tripped up on the twigs.
We have Australian Willows planted for shade behind the shop
and I love those trees!
Fast Growing. Very shady.
And my most favorite is:
They do not blow over in a wind storm!
Their only down fall, is they loose small branches 
like most trees loose leaves.
But they are not big enough to do any damage.
Poor Star had Icicles hanging from her face.
Her and Libby did stay in the lean-to most of the time.
At least every time I checked on them they were in there.
All this crappy moisture came from the north and she liked to look outside.
The girls even have trouble
Walking on Water.
The promise of sunshine is on the horizon,
but then another storm is due in by tonight!


Mikey said...

That is some crazy ice!!! Please be careful. I'll be praying none of you slip and fall. GAH!!!

Nikker said...

Oh, no! That is not fun at all! Hope it warms up, ice is so rotten to have around!

50+ Horses said...

I feel your pain. Up North we also got hit by the storm. I rarely use them but put Gus and Bob into stalls on Thursday AM so they'd be safe. We had trees snapping all around us and I was worried about them getting hit by flying wood. Finally put them back out in their pastures today. Hope everybody is safe and you have power.

Lois Evensen said...

Awww, poor Star with that ice. :( Your weather way out there is similar to ours way over here in Ohio. We will have another ice storm again tonight, too.