Monday, January 30, 2012

Donkey hauling? or not!

I have had Star for just over a month now.
Her and Libby are quite close,
but not buddy's!
Star needs someone to 'play' with.
Even though I play with her, and she is a love bug.
I listen to her.
She keeps asking for a playmate.
I have been doing a lot of research, and everyone with donkeys 
have at least TWO!

My decision to get another one is based on the fact that,
I really am worried about when I start to ride Libby.
I do not!
I mean, do NOT
want Star to run around like Poncho did whenever Libby and I went out to ride.
Because it just breaks my heart.
She could go with us, but she chooses not to leave the pasture.

If there was another Donkey here then she would have someone to hang out with.
Libby would be friends with both.

My problem is this:
There are no donkeys to be had in the area I live.
Texas is over run with rescue donkeys.
There is one that I can have,
it is 1922 miles away.
I have been asking for quotes to ship the little guy here,
anywhere from $950.00 to $1650.00 to get him here.

My pocket book is not that deep.

Hubby does make trips to Texas for work
and he just laughed at me when I suggested he just hook the horse trailer up on his next trip and just kind of bring the little guy home.

That is not going to happen!

He made a statement:
"With all your blogging friends, couldn't you get a relay going?"

Well that is a thought.....

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yeah there are donkeys all over the place in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. You can get them for $25 at the Livestock Auctions here. BLM practically gives them away in all 3 states. I live less than 5 miles from a donkey rescue that is over-run with poor neglected, abused, donkeys and burros in need of a home. It's sad that you don't have any donkeys in your area.