Saturday, January 7, 2012

Feeding Time, A Road Block and Teeth!

This is the way "we" feed.
Because Star follows me around like a shadow.
 I do NOT normally allow this what so ever
because a human can get hurt.
Run over!
 But with Star it is different.
I do watch her, and have eyes in the back of my head,
because I know that with equines,
nothing is a for sure deal!
Libby is such a twit when it comes to feeding.
So first off I toss some food in THE feeders.
Which keeps Libby busy and happy.
Then Star and I proceed through out the pasture
dropping handfuls here and there so
when 'the twit' runs her off one pile,
Star will have plenty others to eat from.
She munches on the hay, as we roll along.
She knows there is good stuff at the bottom and will bury her nose in to get it.
AND Libby knows she is not allowed to eat out of the hay wagon.

Here is Star following me.

Also Star and I have been working through her fear of 
Crossing THE line!

There is an imaginary line in the dirt at the gate.

I left her here at this gate,
while I walked away to the front of the shop
and out of site of her,
to get the hay wagon.
She never moved!

Someone suggested backing her out.
So we working on backing.
She was doing very well.
Just behind the tire you see by her butt...
She would not go any further!

I have really hit a brick wall here.
I don't know if she will follow Libby out yet.
That will take two people.
One to lead Libby
and I will lead Star.
Until I can get a friend to help me,
I guess we will just keep our walks contained to the pasture.

While I was sitting on the Orange
bucket I was kissing that soft little muzzle of hers.
One thing led to another:
 When, I thought I would check her teeth.
"Oh My! When was the last time you brushed?
Should we be calling the Dentist?"
After she let me look at her teeth, and I saw how nasty they were,
A thought came to mind:
Would she let me brush her teeth?

Using my finger as a tooth brush,
she let me rub all her teeth!
Even her gums!
She loved it!

So now I will be looking for a soft bristled equine tooth brush!

 Just two photos of me and my donkey!
I am still waiting for my clicker training books.
I have already got my new camera which these pictures and videos were taken with.
I really like it too.
So a big thank you to all who recommended a
Canon Power Shot!


VA Dan said...

I've heard of people putting towels or scarves over an animals eyes when leading them out of a burning barn. Do you think that would make any difference? A hat? Blinders? Rose-colored glasses? Sugar cubes like crumbs on the ground leading outside the gate?

Lois Evensen said...

What sweet images! :) And, I'm glad you like that Canon PowerShot! I love mine, too.

mrscravitz said...

Teehee Dan....I have tried laying a trail of horsie cookies. No go. I even tried to lead her out with the Hay wagon! no go! Oh wait, maybe chocolate donuts???? That is what her previous own gave her for treats! LOL

The Dancing Donkey said...

I think the clicker training will get her past that, she probably thinks there is an electric fence in the way.

Here is a link to a good article about tooth care in donkeys:

The new picture look great. Star is a beauty.

50+ Horses said...

I know NOTHING about's interesting in your first video to watch Star pause and not move any further. You can see her ears moving back and forth, as if she's thinking whether or not she should proceed. It looks like she really wants to follow you, but something (in her past?) stops her. I'm thinking if you continue to repeat what you did in that video that she'll come around on her own, and soon - which would be awesome! One can see that she adores you. Keep us posted, loving your Posts on Star! :)

Ms. ~K said...

I am thrilled I found your donkey bloggie! I have ALWAYS wanted a donkey! Thankfully, my neighbor lets me love his!
Kisses to that sweet, velvety muzzle!!!