Sunday, January 22, 2012

HAY delima

This past fall I bought some hay.
It was a good deal.
Why they even delivered it
from Touchet, Washington!
I bought 3 ton.
I was told that they hay got bleached, but it was still good hay.
Then there was some green stuff too.
And oh "she is feeding it to her SHOW HORSES!"
I started to feed it this winter.
The light colored bales looked like straw!
Were very weedy.
and Star turned her nose up at them.
Libby she eats everything so I really could not tell by her,
except she got diarrhea.
Then I broke into some of the green bales
Every green bale had some mold in it.

Star: "Where is all our food going?"
Libby: "I don't know. I am getting pretty worried though."
 Libby: "Those dang neighbor cows better not get it!
or there will be war!"
I did feed about a bale and a half to the cows.
But when I did that, for the next two days,
they ran over to the fence when I went out to feed.
I felt so bad for them.
So I put it on Craig's list.
46 bales of hay for $200.00.
It was snatched up in less than two hours!

I did replace the hay
with a lot better stuff,
that Star loves, and does not give Libby diarrhea.

Dang it! I hate when people LIE!
(She will not return phone calls!)


50+ Horses said...

That is awful! But I'm glad the cows benefitted from it.

I've never bestowed awards to Blogs but felt it was time, there are so many great ones that I love to read. Yours is one of those I've chosen. You can pick up your award on my blog.

Congratulations! 50+

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Google ate my comment I think -- anyway, just wanted to agree that lying people suck and that I'm happy you found better hay :)