Saturday, October 22, 2011

When I am NOT working....

Let me explain....
I quit my job.
I put my resume out there.
Someone finally listened!
And I start work on Monday!
Part time!
Life is good.

But in the mean time..........

I am always looking for creative things to do.
I can not stand to be idle and do,

There has been one thing that I have been wanting to do.
Well actually 101 things I want to do,
but this one was easy and quick.

Never be afraid of  
only the design.
Because I do not have an imagination for design,
but I do know what colors I want to use.

In the house that we replaced with this one,
I colored each of the 4 walls in my crap craft room
a different color!
I was in my own little world.
It was beautiful!
My family thinks I am nuts really does love me.
Especially the hubby because he just goes with the flow of life!
After 36 years there is no more surprising him!
He expects the unexpected.

 Hunting season is upon us.
That is usually when I get my most creative.
Once I decided to finish off our kitchen.
So I thought I would texture the walls.
I used a whole box of mud on an 8 x 12 section of wall.
I thought it was beautiful with all the swurly designs I made.
Hubby was more shocked that I used the whole box on such and little area
when he said that it should of done the whole kitchen.

Teach him to leave me with a box of mud and an unfinished wall!

Another hunting season,
A friend of mine, and I
set out to redo a room for all his huntin' stuff.
It actually turned out really good.

I can't remember all the stuff I have done over the years.
I keep threatening to paint our exterior doors, "RED"
But personally by the time he goes hunting,
it is too cold to leave the house open, and I don't think the paint would dry properly.

This time around though, 
it is before huntin' season.
I had some time to utilize.
So I painted a bookcase!
In our Bathroom!
No large commitment here.
I could always just paint over it if my color idea didn't work.

 Work in progress...
I did not want just an all orange or green case.
I did not know what design I was going to use when
I broke open the paint can.
As I painted the back and sides, 
I got my roll of painters tape out,
and just followed my heart.
 I got Triangles.

Had to show you how we feed the cat(s)
because Taumee, or Sydney, could of been Sassy,
Kept eating the cat food.

The finished product.
Lets see...Next project...
I want to get rid of that tub!
We don't use it!
I don't like it!
It is taking up good usable space!

I could have a walk-in closet with windows?


50+ Horses said...

Heh - send that tub up north! :) Your Post inspires me. Maybe (after being here for six years) I'll finally get motivated enough to pull down some of the ugly wallpaper the previous owners left us!

mrscravitz said...

You should come and get it! TEEHEE...Hubby going hunting soon. If I knew how to tear it out of the bathroom I would. I suppose I could at least Start the job!???? ummmmm...LOL