Monday, October 24, 2011

Can a 2 year old sew?

When Nana, (that would be me) gets my sewing mood on, there is nothing stopping me from sitting at the sewing machine.
Even the grand-kids, be it the boys or my granddaughter.
So when the sewing bug hit me, 
(I got my crap craft room clean, and this allowed me to be able to move around in there!)

This little guy wanted to know what I was doing.
So, I showed him how the mechanics of sewing worked.

He did learn how to poke a needle and thread thru fabric.

He also learned that needles bite!

 And you can't pick up a hand full of pins, 
because they ALL bite you then.

But you can poke them into the pin cushion,
and Nana's magic holder will magnetically pick them all up at once.

Yes a two year old CAN learn to sew.

I can't wait to see what he will create when he is three!

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