Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Many Changes......

Things have been changing so fast lately that I can not keep up with my blogging.
First there was a job change!
Yes, "I QUIT"! 
Imagine that in this economy.
But I did.
So to celebrate 
Me and a friend went to the coast!
On the way there, Mt. Hood looked beautiful!
 Then I had to go in search and make a stop at my most favorite fabric store in Portland.
Mill End Store
But on the way there we passed by this and just had to stop!
Bob's Red Mill Store
As we were leaving, I spotted this across the street!
My new Bread!
Dave's Killer Bread
They even had samples of everything and it was ALL GOOD!

The waves were just spectacular and the roughest I have ever seen!
They crashed on the rocks. It was so cool!

Depot Bay was the best place to watch them.

Of course the trip would not of been complete without stopping at 
the Tillamook Cheese factory!


See that sign!?
Yes! There was a family with three little girls.
Right before I took this picture,
there was a wave that hit the rocks right behind them.
They had been standing there three seconds before,
There are signs for a reason!
More STUPID People!

At Depot Bay, people were actually getting wet from the waves!
It was so cool!
Newbies that stopped by would take a look over the wall, and
if it was timed just right,
WHOOSH! They would get a face full of sea water!
Yes, I laughed!
We were just out of way of the wall of water.

I like Bridges!

One day we headed south to Newport.
This place looked interesting so we stopped in.
 It was a store full of crafters wares in booths.
It was so cool!
And decorated pretty cute.

I came across this interesting piece:
(I left this picture original size and I am hoping you can click on it and see the detail!)
This is a big piece of burl wood that had horses carved into it!
All over it!
Here is a close up of some of it!
This piece of art was breath taking.
I do not know if it was for sale.
I did not see a price tag on it anywhere, and I did not ask.

 Some shots of the inside.
This place was huge and we spent 2 hrs and did not see everything!

Of course ONE hour of it was.....
 Playing Dress Up!

We laughed so hard,
At MY expense of course!
But it was fun!
I always have to check on my favorite tree.
This is called a Monkey Tree and it is on
Hwy 101 in Garbaldi.
It actually has coconuts on it too.
We stopped at this little Thrift Store.
I has never been open when we have been to the coast.
Well this time it was!
We did not stay to long because the smell of pet urine was super bad!

We went to DEL RAY Beach which is 1 mile north of Gearhart,
just outside of Seaside.
You can drive for MILES on this beach.
I was not brave enough.
This is as far as I went.
But this beach is the
There were lots of them, but all broken.
I did find ONE Whole Sand Dollar though.
Taumee did not like it much when we got to far apart.
She did spend a lot of her time, racing back and forth between us.

We explored many beaches this time around.
"I" was in search of agates.
Finding agates on the beach is really a lot of fun.
And relaxing.
Every beach we traveled to,
we found nothing but sand.

At one of the beaches we met up with a park ranger.
His name is Ryan Parker and he was so nice.
He told us that at this time of year, all the agates were 2 feet under the sand.
All summer long the sand moves in on the beach.
Then the winter storms move the sand out, and the best time to go agate hunting is
December thru March.

He told us a couple of good spots to go.
So our next trip, we will certainly be checking them out!

We also met up with a new found friend that we met in the spring.
I was so excited to get to visit with her.
'T' is a wonderful person and really a lot of fun to be around.
We ate dinner at Mo's and had a very wonderful time.
She has a dog, Chip, and he and Taumee had a blast playing on the beach!

I really look forward to visiting with her EVERY TIME we go to the coast!

My trips to the coast is a healing process.
It is the only place I can go where I can rejuvenate my soul!

The Ocean waters, and Salt Air have healing properties for me.

So with that, I will leave you with some various pics.

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Mikey said...

What a fabulous trip! Oh, you make my heart ache for that country. I've gone up and down that coast so many times. I want to take Mercy to some tide pools!!
Great pics, looks like the best trip.