Sunday, October 16, 2011

Princess Libby

I was cleaning out my Tack room, when.... 
I came across this cage cover that I had made.
An Idea struck!
The children were so courious so I stopped to play.
Libby was a sport! She looked like a Princess, and even let me cover her eyes!
Poncho: Ha! You look funny! Nahnahnah!

If I play nice, can I have something good to eat?
ENOUGH! Already!
I think I have looked goofy enough, and really? Pink is not my color!

Ok, Now it is time to dig into the good stuff!
If I stand and look sullen, maybe she will give in!
(Close eyes. Wish hard. Oh! I can smell that delicious hay!)

Me: Look at all this lushous green you have to eat!
It is not time to start feeding you the good stuff!
But Thank you for playing!

I love my horses!
They are both worth their weight in gold.
And they DO earn their keep!~

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Lois Evensen said...

Well, that looked like fun! Dress up is lots of fun. :)))