Friday, October 21, 2011

What is this, PART TWO

A while back I did a post on 

I only had one person that pursued this with so much enthusiasm!

Here are a few of her guess's

#1: An Ear Tagger:
The tag would be in two pieces one sharp one and one that is the tag.  The implement would push the sharp thing through the cows ear and into the tag side.  It does look like it lifts but I think it actually presses and the bracket allows some variability in with of ear? 


#2:  I checked with the girls here and we think it is for piercing nipples.  


#3:   With how its oriented in the picture, it looks like something a farmer would use to open up an animal’s mouth to float their teeth or do other dentistry? 

Though a better design would have a more hooked lip on the bottom part of the pry base then...   hmmm.


#4: OK, my know it all best friend tells me it is a cherry stone remover.


#5:  “An old timer friend of mine says it is an animal twitch.

Ugh.   He could be wrong...

Here is the CORRECT answer!
#6:  Well there’s a first for everything. It’s a shoemakers tool called a “stretcher”.

It’s for stretching the shoe leather in an area of the foot where a client may have a Bunion.

Marilyn WON!
I have sent a gift for working so hard.
I think it went by slow boat to China because I mailed it a week ago,
and she still has not gotten it!

Thank you for making this fun!
ENJOY your surprise Marilyn!

Oh yes I almost forgot!
This device REALLY does work too!
I loaned it to a friend,
cause we were talking about Bunyons,

(Friends talk about all sorts of things, this being one of them)

and so I gave it to her to try!
That was so cool!