Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yearly Coastal Trip!

Picture Intensive!
Grab some coffee/tea or your drink of choice,
sit back and enjoy.

Our trip to the coast this year was set for June.
Decided to plan our trip around the LOW tide this year
instead of the city wide yard sale.

(The tide was the lowest on June 6th at -2.8 feet since 2008.)

You would THINK that in JUNE we would of had decent weather.
Last year we went in April and it was windy and rainy.
This year we go in June and it was windy and raining!

Me and Roseann
We thought we would stop at Lori's on the way to the beach.
It has been 4 years since we seen each other.
Had a very fun visit.
Lori and I
Beautiful flower garden.
This is Trip, and he lives up to his name. Such a sweetie.
Taumee and Trip
Everyone getting some treats.
Trip thinks he is a lap dog.
Sky. Isn't she adorable?
Tammy and Roseann
(Aren't they just to cute?)
Then we got to stay with a new found friend, and
had a wonderful time!
So look forward to our next trip to the coast.

With the luck we have with weather,
maybe a winter trip is in order.
If it is going to storm while we are there,
we might as well go during the storm season!

Looking for Agates.
And YES it was COLD!
Did find quite a few agates though.
We babysat Chip for a couple days.
He sure was a good boy.
Taumee taught him how to shop and ride in the car.

Getting a water break, then a potty break, then a cookie break,
Then a snooze!
Chip loves his batman costume and had to model it for us.
Chip also WUV'D Roseann!

This is a 2000 year old cedar tree.
It is off the beaten path.
The history is very well guarded secret on the tree.
So much so, that the residents only know that
a wedding was held inside the tree at one time.

Entrance into the tree.

Roseann is inside,
and peaking out.
"Big Red Park"
The tide was so low there wasn't much action in the punch bowl,
 So we ate some clam chowder at Mo's while it rained outside.

 Found some deer along side Hwy 101.

Very low tide.
Starfish all over the rocks that were exposed to the low tide.
No snail shells that we could see. 
Just lots of star fish and sea anemones.

This guy, was so cute, just had to stop and get a picture.
It is a long way from the ocean to the house line.

On Sunday we went to our very favorite place:
Click the link above and check it out.
Snails drawing pictures in the sand.

I think this was a crane.
(see the dot above the tree?)
Pretty moon shot.
Headed directly into these clouds going home.
And boy did we get rained on!
Workers along side the freeway. I think they are putting up netting.
Rams along side the freeway.

To sum up our trip:

It is always a good trip to the coast.
Enjoyed visiting with an old friend,
and had a wonderful time with a new found friend.

We did come back a day earlier than scheduled
because Taumee was so worn out, and I was really worried,
plus the weather man IS NOT MY FRIEND right now!
They forecasted heavy rains Tuesday, which on Monday was also raining very hard.

So with that, we headed back home a day earlier than planned.
What was the weather like the day after we left the coast????

As Usual!

But that is ok. We would of made the same decision anyway,
as Taumee's welfare comes first.
Her age is catching up to her, and this trip just wore her out!

Tammy: We will be back! :)

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