Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Fox In Town.....

 There is a traveler who has showed up in town.
 He patronizes the local business, waiting patiently for a handout.
 He is cautious and a bit shy, but not afraid.
 His patience pays off.
 A local customer hands over his bag of jerky he just purchased.
 And the traveler graciously accepts his donation.
 He hungrily eats as his stomach growls.
 Thankful for the meal,
And with this he moves on.
For when the mom has raised the kits,
I am sure they will then be long gone.


GingerG17 said...

Awww such a scrawny little guy. Wish I could help him. Love the pictures.

Pamela Zydel said...

Oh wow! In the city no less! Brave little bugger!

My husband just saw a Mama fox and her three little babies! They were in a field though and running!

Hope you are feeling a lot better, Mrs. C.