Friday, February 4, 2011

Simon and his Excursions!

What happens when you get into a situation you narrowly escape?
You get sent to the doc, and have stitches in your ass tail,
and a couple of drain tubes!

Near as we can figure, Doc, said that this has been festering for some time.
So when Simon was gone for four days?
I think he got confronted,
Tried to get away,
A cat landed on his back,
Bit him in the ass butt,
and scared the crap out of him.
He hid till he thought it was safe to come home.
I did NOT noticed anything was wrong
till last Saturday night, I got up to 
use the bathroom, and there was blood on the counter.
Thinking it was Pepper
I went in search.
I found Simon curled up in my rocking chair, 
and felt liquid on his tail/hip area.
I parted the fur, and was shocked!

A huge hole! No skin! Raw Meat!
Sick yet? I was!

So Monday he went to see the fine Doc,
and a few hundred dollars later,
He gets DRAIN TUBES, many stitches and enough meds to dope a cougar!

Saturday, (tomorrow), he goes in and gets the 
tubes taken out, and a week later, the stitches.

In the mean time, he is in a hospital room all to himself:

Gotta Love'em, cause they will break the bank!


Mikey said...

Awww, poor guy! Looks like he nearly got his tail bit off!! I hope he gets better soon and sticks close to home from now on. Cats don't know how good they've got it!!

Nikker said...

Poor Simon! Hope he makes a quick rebound!!