Sunday, February 27, 2011


In the debate over what Lester-Cisco-Harley-Elmer should be named, 
It was all by accident...
Parker showed up with his mom, 
His eyes got big and wide when Papa and I showed him "HIS"
horse we just brought home.

Mom, said he says, "Harley" really cute.
He did,
So as I was showing Parker and he was petting this new guy,
Another name came to mind:
So for awhile, Parker kept saying:
"Harley-Poncho" or "Poncho-Harley"
when asked what his horses name was.

How to get through to a 20 month old..
Show him a picture!
So I pulled a photo of this new horse up on my computer,
and I pointed at it, and asked Parker:
"What is the horses name?"


So Poncho it is! LOL


Lois Evensen said...

Ah, the perfect way to select a name. :) Poncho is a great name!

Nikker said...

I like it! Even better the little guy got to name his own horse!!