Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's Official!

Decisions! Decisions!
It's Official. Lester now lives with Libby!  Libby seems to be fine with it, but I still have them separated. I will put them together later this morning after they have had a chance to eat their breakfast.

The name LESTER has got to go though. I put it up for a vote and it is a tie between Cisco and Harley. So later today I will go out and have a talk with him and see what he would like to be called. Personally I think he will tell me it doesn't matter cause He just LOVES being with me! :))

You know it took me awhile to warm up to Libby and let her into my heart. And Today I love her and do not see my life without her.

Taking on a second horse is a huge responsibility! It was not a decision I took lightly, but getting a kids horse was the driving force.

So with patience, the second horse was found. I fell in love with Cisco/Harley/Lester/Elmer the minute I met him. WHERE HAS HE BEEN ALL MY LIFE????  He is not a beauty by any means, but he sure has a cute face, and so very wooley! I love wooley horses.  Love his mane. Funny how people I place like/dislike on looks first. But I know the more I spend time with him, the more I am going to see his personality. Libby is showing a bit of jealousy, and it is so cute. I went out to brush him last night after dinner, because he really worked up a sweat GALLOPING, (oh did I say GALLOP?) Yes Galloping back and forth in the pasture whining back and forth with his old buddies across the way, and I did not want him to get chilled, so I brushed him. He melted... Libby stood and watched me and kept nickering at me! She is a talker, and I love that about her. SO I had to brush her too, (I would never leave her out of anything) and I think I made points with both of them.   We even did some free leading in the pasture. He stayed ear to ear and whoa'd and walked with me.

But all night I heard him whinny back and forth to his buddies.  I got him from a neighbor across the road. She had purchased him for her 80 year old husband because he was a husband safe horse.  He is 16+, not registered so who knows. Not sure of his training, which as long as I know he goes forwards, backwards, left and right, that is all I care. I did not want to let the kids ride Libby because she DOES have some training, and I don't want that screwed up. So, in comes: Cisco/Harley/Lester.  I think he will fit the bill great. He has a kind eye, and a very mellow mind. AND he loves to be around people!

I know he misses his old pasture buddies.  NOTE: Never move next door. More work than moving across town. Never buy a horse next door...Takes them longer to get over their buddies...! LOL

The neighbors had a baby calf last night. ALL was laying out in their pasture this morning, and mommy was nudging it to get it to stand up. It tried really hard, and just can't for some reason....then I saw it shiver a bit in the cool morning air. My heart just breaks......the tears flowed....NOT A DAMN THING I CAN DO ABOUT IT!  I know the reason is, the daddy to this baby is like the grandfather...he keeps inner breeding his damn cows! Has not had a new bull since we have lived here in 2004! 

Anyway, Now I have to look for a saddle that will fit Cisco/Harley/Lester/Elmer.  He has such a wide back and not much wither! LOL But, boy is he cute!

Isn't he gorgeous!
 Libby: Why did you take Lilly away? I miss that bossy mare!!
I don't like this new guy!
 Cisco/Harley/Lester/Elmer: I want out of here, NOW!
 Cisco/Harley/Lester/Elmer: Will somebody over there help me?
Libby: I agree, take him back!
 In seeing the two of them together:
Cisco/Harley/Lester/Elmer is the redneck and Libby is the princess!
Oh this is going to be so fun!


Cactus Jack Splash said...

He is a dolly

Lois Evensen said...

They are both precious!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh wow! Congrats!
I had to come over here after seeing your blog in my reader and seeing the words "It's Official!"

Well boy howdy!
How exciting! I had no idea you were looking for another horse. Your captions were cute and funny.
He is a cutie and to me he looks just like an Elmer. Fits him perfectly.

He's not stocky and tough enough looking to be a Harley. And Cisco is a fun name but very common, as is Harley.
And don't you think Elmer and Libby has a nice ring to it? Like an old married couple. lol!

I bet he'll get over his buddies pretty quickly once he is able to hang out cheek to cheek with Libby. Then he'll be in love! :)



wilsonc said...

You didn't give this option, but I vote for "Handsome Stranger" hee hee

Rising Rainbow said...

Congratulations. However, you better be careful, if you don't pick a name soon, that Harley/Cisco/Lester thing will stick. LOL