Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Help Rescue Dogs.............

I read a favorite blog every day. If I go a day with reading this blog my day is not complete. I have other favorite blogs I read also, and will highlight them eventually.  But toda
is blogging about helping shelter dogs.

 Here is a quote from her blog:

"Pedigree® is sponsoring an Adoption Drive – they are donating a bowl of dog food for every "like" they get on their facebook page. If you go here and "like" them, one more shelter dog will get a bowl of food. But that's not all.

For every blog that mentions the Adoption Drive between Sept. 16 through Sunday, Sept. 19, Pedigree® will donate a 20-lb. bag of food to a shelter. If you've got a blog, there's still time to write a post and help a dog. Enter the link to your blog post here to participate."

I have had a lot of pets in my life.
One that I did rescue.
She brought so much in our life,
and we lost a lot when she left us.
You can read about her here, 
as I made a web page in honor of her:
(Yes, I KNOW! I need to redo my web pages!)

I hope if you read my blog, you will 
click on the links provided,
post to your blog,
click 'like' on facebook.

Since we are on rescues,
here is another favorite blog of mine:
and todays blog is about????

Then another favorite blog is
She does a LOT of rescuing.
If you look at her past blogs 
you can see the pickles she gets herself in!
Never a boring day there.

Well have fun with the links,
and help with the rescue pets!
I wish I could bring them all home!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Libby made my day!

I went out yesterday to give Lilly and Libby some wormer.
Lilly is a BeeACHE to worm, and her owner said they 
made a wormer in pellets!
I found some! yeah!

Lilly was already by the fence, and Libby was way in the north 40.
So I poured Lillys in her treat dish.
Shut the gate and called Libby!
When Libby heard me, she came a running!
Just made my day.
Of course she thought I had goodies to share.
In a sense I did.
She ate 3/4 of it, and had her fill!
Lilly on the other hand wanted more!

Lilly Gobbling hers up!

Libby: "I tell you Lilly, she is medicating us!"
Lilly: "I don't care! It is really good! Let me have yours!"

Libby: "Ok, I will pretend I don't like it. She will coax me into eating it."

"I will even refuse hand feeding"

"Then maybe she will give the rest to you."

"Because I would rather eat grass"

Libby just did not care much for the pellets. 
Since I will have to worm in about a month again anyway,
This will be enough to start killing off what
bugs they have now.
Then finish them all off before winter.

Lilly loves attention 
and Libby, well she loves to eat!
Libby likes attention when I have the halter on her,
but Lilly will follow me all over.
She is just to cute for words.

I get my hugs and my lovins from Lilly
because she lets me.
She amazes me, because she will stand for fly spray like no other~
No halter!
Just stands!
I spray her ALL OVER!
I tried to video tape it, but 
I needed another hand, and it just did not turn out.
But here is Lilly and me.
I am teaching her what a camera is for
and I think she is getting the hint!
I asked her to pose and she did!

While Libby on the other hand...
Well .....

Saturday, September 18, 2010

What We Leave Behind...............

You Gotta read this story!
(click link above)

Dana, a fellow blogger
has begun to write a story.
She is up to chapter 6 and I can't 
put the computer down!
Very Intriguing!

If you scroll to the bottom (past all her wonderful comments) 
to the right of her blog
there will be the next chapters.

I tell ya,
It is going to be on the TOP 10 wanted list of books!

I think it might even 


T W I L I G H T !

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Friends Helping Friends:

Times are tough
I know!
But if you LOVE Bumblebees
You really need to take a look at this link:

Also if you are looking for a home,
This one is right up your alley.
Wonderful place to live because you have 
Horse riding trails right out your back door!

So please,
Do a friend a favor~
Check out the links....
Thank you

"Ride your Dream"

Does not pay to bathe!

A couple weekends ago I bought some QuicSilver
shampoo made for light colored Equines.
So Tonight I thought I would try it on Libby's tail.
Here she is after her tail washing and a lot of brushing.

This will be about the only time I will 
get Hubby and Libby together.
I also washed her mane.
So I asked Hubby to take my picture with my horse! LOL
Libby was co-operating nicely.

Until I asked her for a kiss!
She just would not come up to my height!
Of course soon as I took her halter off,
Hubby was working the camera 
and thought he was recording!
Would of been a good one too,
because she rolled and rolled and rolled!
Had to get all that clean hair DIRTY!
This past Saturday,
I finally realized my dream!
Libby and I went on our first 
No I did not take my camera!
No I do not have pics of me riding!
Someday I will get a hold of someone with a camera!

It was about a 2 mile ride.
Through sagebrush, sand, uphill and down hills.

Libby was getting pretty tired of walking in the deep sand.
She got a bit pissy at one point, but she
settled back down and decided to continue on.

I had taken my cell phone, and at one point during the ride,
it went off!
And Libby TOOK OFF!
But I got her stopped in TWO STEPS!
She had heard my phone before, but never from the saddle!

She was such a good girl about it.

When we headed for home,
Even though it was a different trail.

She wasted no time in covering ground.
We did a few lot of circling the sage brush.
That slowed her down a bit
and made her remember I was in control.

It was a good ride!
It was a fun ride!
It was a DREAM RIDE!

I would of rode Sunday too,
but was feeling poorly.
(That will be a whole other post!)
My lack of posts 
constitutes a
Yes, I have to support my animals
in the custom to which they enjoy life!
So I now work 40+ hrs a week!
Since I have a horse now, 
that I can just go hop on and take a short ride,
Saddle or Bareback,
I felt that this is what I needed to do.
The job landed in my lap and it was hard to refuse.
So this does leave little time to do the things I use to do.
I also got a new camera!
I really like FUJI's but they just don't seem to last more than a year.
So this time I bought a 
C A N O N Powershot SX130 IS
BRAND NEW and just released the last part of August.
No store carried it!
I had to order it off Amazon!
(Click on link to see my camera)
Thank goodness for Amazon, huh?

I Love my camera!
It has a lot of options on it that I really like.
Such as the FISH EYE LOOK:
It also has the
Regular picture
Then here is Sydney in Vivid Color:
Here is one where you SWITCH out the color for another color.
Of course here is Briann....
And Cody:
I am having fun with the camera and still learning all the
new things I can do with it.
Until next time:
Ride your Dream!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Facebook who?

A couple weeks ago
I was asked a few questions about Facebook.
Why I joined and what I like about it.

The article was published in our local Newspaper.
(I hope you can get to by the link above.)

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Jody Brittain is a 53-year-old Umatilla woman who loves her family, horses and is an avid blogger. She received distinction as the writer of one of the top 40 horse blogs in 2010.  She also follow many blogs which might explain her moniker, Mrs. Kravitz (as the nosey neighbor in the old TV series, "Bewitched."

QUESTION: How often do you get on Facebook?
"Everyday, twice a day, most of the day," Brittain said.
Brittain denies addiction, saying she doesn't utilize her phone to access her account.
QUESTION:  What is the most intriguing connection or thing that has happened as a result of joining?
Facebook helped facilitate Brittain's trip to Hungary last summer to meet a pen pal of 40 years.  While there, she was able to keep in touch with family and friends.

There were others that were interviewed also. The writer of the article:
Tammy Malgasini is a wonderful writer and I love to read everything she writes.

She also has a blog which you might want to check out: 
 Check out her blog, and Leave a comment.
Let her know....
I Sent you and have many friends....;))

My Dream.......

This last spring when I was taking lessons with Sissy,
I told my instructor that my dream was to go out on trail rides.

I am realizing HALF my dream!

I can go out and saddle up Libby ANYTIME
and get on and ride her!

I can even ride her bareback!
(and not fall off! LOL)

I only ride her in the small pasture bareback
(at a walk)
because I am still learning how to stay on!

She has a nice wide back and so I do feel pretty comfortable.
She also goes off leg ques way better bareback,
and rides with the halter!

it was windy.
I wanted to ride.
So I go out and put the saddle on her!

She stays ground tied very well.

I lock Lilly in the small pasture and Libby and I ride all over
"their" pasture.

Libby acted like she had never seen parts of the pasture before!
Silly Girl!
Snorted and walked lightly.
(Saw a big monster at one point.)
She never spooked though.
The more we walked around the better she got.

Last weekend I rode her in the neighbors pasture and she did awesome!
Never got nervous ONCE!
And it was new territory!

I am at ease also about 
pushing Libby onward if she gets a bit nervous.
It is almost like she appreciates it too.

I am her guide and she is the tourist! 

I do not have pictures of me riding
because the hubby does not think to go get the camera!

But I have ordered a new camera and hopefully
will have a LOT of new pictures to post!

I do a lot of talking when I ride.
Libby seems to appreciate it.

Libby is building my confidence!

I told her that I got a ordered a new camera
and soon I will be taking lots of pretty pictures of her.
I do not think she appreciated that.

I love her more and more each day
and each time I ride her.
I think she is starting to like me more too.