Sunday, September 19, 2010

Libby made my day!

I went out yesterday to give Lilly and Libby some wormer.
Lilly is a BeeACHE to worm, and her owner said they 
made a wormer in pellets!
I found some! yeah!

Lilly was already by the fence, and Libby was way in the north 40.
So I poured Lillys in her treat dish.
Shut the gate and called Libby!
When Libby heard me, she came a running!
Just made my day.
Of course she thought I had goodies to share.
In a sense I did.
She ate 3/4 of it, and had her fill!
Lilly on the other hand wanted more!

Lilly Gobbling hers up!

Libby: "I tell you Lilly, she is medicating us!"
Lilly: "I don't care! It is really good! Let me have yours!"

Libby: "Ok, I will pretend I don't like it. She will coax me into eating it."

"I will even refuse hand feeding"

"Then maybe she will give the rest to you."

"Because I would rather eat grass"

Libby just did not care much for the pellets. 
Since I will have to worm in about a month again anyway,
This will be enough to start killing off what
bugs they have now.
Then finish them all off before winter.

Lilly loves attention 
and Libby, well she loves to eat!
Libby likes attention when I have the halter on her,
but Lilly will follow me all over.
She is just to cute for words.

I get my hugs and my lovins from Lilly
because she lets me.
She amazes me, because she will stand for fly spray like no other~
No halter!
Just stands!
I spray her ALL OVER!
I tried to video tape it, but 
I needed another hand, and it just did not turn out.
But here is Lilly and me.
I am teaching her what a camera is for
and I think she is getting the hint!
I asked her to pose and she did!

While Libby on the other hand...
Well .....


Lois Evensen said...

So very cute. :) Beautiful animals and a beautiful relationship.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Such great horses, How much fun you must have

Gail said...

What a sneaky way to worm! Just kidding, and it is so much easier than the tube wormer.

When my farrier comes, I just bring the wormer. While we have our feet done, we get the wormer too.

oregonsunshine said...

I mix the dewormer pellets in with their grain so my horses just gobble it down. Maybe that would help next time for you too.