Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Dream.......

This last spring when I was taking lessons with Sissy,
I told my instructor that my dream was to go out on trail rides.

I am realizing HALF my dream!

I can go out and saddle up Libby ANYTIME
and get on and ride her!

I can even ride her bareback!
(and not fall off! LOL)

I only ride her in the small pasture bareback
(at a walk)
because I am still learning how to stay on!

She has a nice wide back and so I do feel pretty comfortable.
She also goes off leg ques way better bareback,
and rides with the halter!

it was windy.
I wanted to ride.
So I go out and put the saddle on her!

She stays ground tied very well.

I lock Lilly in the small pasture and Libby and I ride all over
"their" pasture.

Libby acted like she had never seen parts of the pasture before!
Silly Girl!
Snorted and walked lightly.
(Saw a big monster at one point.)
She never spooked though.
The more we walked around the better she got.

Last weekend I rode her in the neighbors pasture and she did awesome!
Never got nervous ONCE!
And it was new territory!

I am at ease also about 
pushing Libby onward if she gets a bit nervous.
It is almost like she appreciates it too.

I am her guide and she is the tourist! 

I do not have pictures of me riding
because the hubby does not think to go get the camera!

But I have ordered a new camera and hopefully
will have a LOT of new pictures to post!

I do a lot of talking when I ride.
Libby seems to appreciate it.

Libby is building my confidence!

I told her that I got a ordered a new camera
and soon I will be taking lots of pretty pictures of her.
I do not think she appreciated that.

I love her more and more each day
and each time I ride her.
I think she is starting to like me more too.

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