Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Does not pay to bathe!

A couple weekends ago I bought some QuicSilver
shampoo made for light colored Equines.
So Tonight I thought I would try it on Libby's tail.
Here she is after her tail washing and a lot of brushing.

This will be about the only time I will 
get Hubby and Libby together.
I also washed her mane.
So I asked Hubby to take my picture with my horse! LOL
Libby was co-operating nicely.

Until I asked her for a kiss!
She just would not come up to my height!
Of course soon as I took her halter off,
Hubby was working the camera 
and thought he was recording!
Would of been a good one too,
because she rolled and rolled and rolled!
Had to get all that clean hair DIRTY!
This past Saturday,
I finally realized my dream!
Libby and I went on our first 
No I did not take my camera!
No I do not have pics of me riding!
Someday I will get a hold of someone with a camera!

It was about a 2 mile ride.
Through sagebrush, sand, uphill and down hills.

Libby was getting pretty tired of walking in the deep sand.
She got a bit pissy at one point, but she
settled back down and decided to continue on.

I had taken my cell phone, and at one point during the ride,
it went off!
And Libby TOOK OFF!
But I got her stopped in TWO STEPS!
She had heard my phone before, but never from the saddle!

She was such a good girl about it.

When we headed for home,
Even though it was a different trail.

She wasted no time in covering ground.
We did a few lot of circling the sage brush.
That slowed her down a bit
and made her remember I was in control.

It was a good ride!
It was a fun ride!
It was a DREAM RIDE!

I would of rode Sunday too,
but was feeling poorly.
(That will be a whole other post!)
My lack of posts 
constitutes a
Yes, I have to support my animals
in the custom to which they enjoy life!
So I now work 40+ hrs a week!
Since I have a horse now, 
that I can just go hop on and take a short ride,
Saddle or Bareback,
I felt that this is what I needed to do.
The job landed in my lap and it was hard to refuse.
So this does leave little time to do the things I use to do.
I also got a new camera!
I really like FUJI's but they just don't seem to last more than a year.
So this time I bought a 
C A N O N Powershot SX130 IS
BRAND NEW and just released the last part of August.
No store carried it!
I had to order it off Amazon!
(Click on link to see my camera)
Thank goodness for Amazon, huh?

I Love my camera!
It has a lot of options on it that I really like.
Such as the FISH EYE LOOK:
It also has the
Regular picture
Then here is Sydney in Vivid Color:
Here is one where you SWITCH out the color for another color.
Of course here is Briann....
And Cody:
I am having fun with the camera and still learning all the
new things I can do with it.
Until next time:
Ride your Dream!

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