Sunday, September 5, 2010

Facebook who?

A couple weeks ago
I was asked a few questions about Facebook.
Why I joined and what I like about it.

The article was published in our local Newspaper.
(I hope you can get to by the link above.)

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Jody Brittain is a 53-year-old Umatilla woman who loves her family, horses and is an avid blogger. She received distinction as the writer of one of the top 40 horse blogs in 2010.  She also follow many blogs which might explain her moniker, Mrs. Kravitz (as the nosey neighbor in the old TV series, "Bewitched."

QUESTION: How often do you get on Facebook?
"Everyday, twice a day, most of the day," Brittain said.
Brittain denies addiction, saying she doesn't utilize her phone to access her account.
QUESTION:  What is the most intriguing connection or thing that has happened as a result of joining?
Facebook helped facilitate Brittain's trip to Hungary last summer to meet a pen pal of 40 years.  While there, she was able to keep in touch with family and friends.

There were others that were interviewed also. The writer of the article:
Tammy Malgasini is a wonderful writer and I love to read everything she writes.

She also has a blog which you might want to check out: 
 Check out her blog, and Leave a comment.
Let her know....
I Sent you and have many friends....;))

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