Saturday, May 8, 2010

Building a new fence!

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Mom says I am getting fat. I have all this grass and since I am the only person in the pasture
I just can't keep up with it!
I try really hard, but it is a loosing battle.
So 'Mom' got 'Dad' to come out and play today!
Oh Look! I never get this close to dad's truck!
There are lots of goodies in here!
Oh what is this white line?
I hate work, so I will just let you pack it.
This truck is very interesting.
Doesn't taste to bad either!
Ummm....what is inside here?
Oh, I have two noses!

What more can I get into?
Good Chin Scratcher!
Rust! Yum!
Now what do you think this is for?
Lets see if I can kick it.
Nope. But this is interesting.
It rolls when I touch it.
I love this wheel barrow. It brings me hay in the winter.
I will hide over here and maybe dad won't make me work!
Lets see here.....
Tastes like grass on this side.
Tastes like grass on this side too!
Ummm. I thought maybe it would be different.
Well back to see what trouble I can get into.
Umm...what's this? Maybe if I paw at it, it will move!
HA HA Mom, you were not quick enough with the camera!
So many fun toys!

Yep, Husky bags are my bag of choice too!.
After a hard days work, I went an took a nap.
Dad says the concrete in the base posts have to set over night
before he can stretch the fencing.

Note from Mom:
We did as much as we could today to get the fence up.
It is something I have wanted to do for a long time, and now that
Sissy has the pasture all to herself, I really need to give her a SMALL space
to eat. She does not have a buddy this summer to chase around either
so whatever she eats just stays with her..
I will move her back and forth between pastures,
but now at least, I have a smaller area to keep her in.

I don't like her getting this big, she is one that can just LOOK at oats/grass
and gain weight! Just like me! :))

At my lesson this week, I had tighten up the cinch as tight as I could go, and
the first half lap around the arena Sissy farted so much, that
my instructor had to retighten the saddle! She could stick her hand inbetween
the cinch and Sissy! She was quite bloated from the fresh grass.

But we will be fixing that right soon.

Sissy is one that is into everything when you are trying to work.
I think it is cute.
Rick needed my help.
I was snapping pictures!
See how much help 'we' are honey?


RedheadedStepchild said...

oh my, the memories that brings back! LOL Horses are so nosy.

Nikker said...

Fun, fun, fun! She's a real busy body! You got some great pictures!

Gail said...

Documenting is the most important job. We must know what is going on.

WE have the same joy of helpfulness times four.

Breathe said...

What a sweetheart. Look at all that moral support!!

Jocelyn said...

What a good Non- Helper horse.

Where is your other horse? I thought you had 2?

Karen V said...

You know... I have a pasture buddy you could borrow. He would LOVE to keep Sissy company! I'll drop him off, pay for farrier and deworming, etc, then come get him in the fall when it's time to start feeding hay... Let me know if you're interested. I hate to see all that good grass going to waste on not fattening anybody up!

Lois Evensen said...

What a great picture story. :) I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog. :)