Thursday, April 29, 2010

I have been up to no good!

Well not really!
I have just been busy!!!!
First, I have been taking riding lesson's so Sissy and I can have some fun.
Last weekend was really the first time I rode her comfortably 
in our own pasture!
I don't have pics, as hubby just does not think to get the camera
and I have way to much to concentrate on while riding.

At my lesson, I had a big confidence boost.
We have been doing a lot of trotting,
and PISSY SISSY does not like to do that much.
It is work to her.
But, I MADE her continue! 
We worked through it!
I know now, that the most I am going to get from her is a lot of head tossing
rather than being tossed on the ground. 

So we saddled up.
Went into the pasture.
Walked her up to an over turned feeder.
And got on!

I had left the gate open!
Big test!

She wanted to go out the gate!
I did not.
With a lot of head tossing
and volunteer side passing,
I made her stay in the pasture.
We walked all over.
She exerted more energy trying to be the boss.
Finally after about 45 minutes, she GAVE IN!
She let ME take her where "I" wanted to go!
No Arguments!

The weather has been pretty crappy since then.

So I have not rode in the pasture since.
But believe me.
Nothing is holding me back now!
Every nice day that we have we will be riding!
I need the exercise, and Sissy needs the miles.

We are both novices.
She knows all the ques!
She is awesome with leg ques.
I just need to learn how to use them!

So on the cruddy days, I just go hang out with her.
I am down to one horse again, 
because I wanted to concentrate on just Sissy this summer.
I am determined to be able to ride her out on trails,
which I know she LOVES, and I do too, but
she has to get to where she will listen to me
and not want to be the boss.

Hence the lessons.

So when I hang out with her, this is what we do:
Better to see the new grass growing!
I think she is near sighted. Does not need glasses for distance.

Bet if she had a book she could learn to read! LOL

Tonight we took a walk around the place. 
Had to walk on the road to get to the neighbors driveway to make a loop.
Then walking up the drive, there was 6 horses on one side of us,
charging the fence,
and two on the other side wanting to say hello.
Sissy did some snorting, 
but she 'listened' to me!
I was on the ground. Not in the saddle.
She listens well to me on the ground.
I just have to get it that way in the saddle.


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Great progress. Nice you are getting lots of hose time

Nikker said...

Good for you, so exciting!! Sounds like you are going to have a great summer riding! ( :

phaedra96 said...

She will get there! Everytime you win; she will give in sooner because it is not going to be worth the fight!! Hurrah for you both!