Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let me Introduce you to.........


My good friend found her on
Made a phone call, and the owner was kind 
enough to let her bring her home
so that I could get to know her,
try her out and see if we would be a good match.

I have to say, "R" is very good at matching horses with people and picking out good ones too.
I have come to trust her instincts, because she is ALWAYS right!

I am falling in love.
I have not taken this task on lightly and Libby has been through the drills.
I have put in a lot of thought into this.

I took her to my lesson on Tuesday and my instructor says Libby is a very good horse.
She is a good size for me.
I don't even need a mounting block.

Libby knows all the leg cues, neck reins and stops on a dime.
Her owner out grew her and so Libby has pretty much been a pasture potato for the past year.
She has been shown 4-H English and Western, so that is a plus.
Libby is totally at ease in an arena setting.
I won't do the show thing, just not me.
But I feel we will eventually get along on trail rides just fine.

My friend even took Libby for her daughter's lesson the next day.
Libby has been checked over, felt up and down, sideways, examined, and scrutinized.
By me, my friend and my instructor.

We went for a small trail ride and as long as Libby was following horses,
she does awesome.
Being around other horses does not bother her at all. 
Unlike Sissy, who thought she had to socialize with EVERYONE!
I don't ever plan on riding alone anyway, so this is not a problem.

In talking with the owner I found out that when 
Libby gets nervous her bottom
lip quivers. 
This is great because then I know to start talking to her, 
before I know it, her lip is still again.
She is cute when she does this, but my heart breaks knowing she is nervous at any point.

I look forward to long walks, 
(I need more exercise)
Long saddle rides.
Brushing her long beautiful tail.
Letting her mane grow out!
(I know she is show clipped but I like shaggy!)
And just hanging out with her. 
I will make my Motel 6
like the Marriot!

She trots so nice, and I even CANTERED on her!!!!
I was scared to death when my instructor asked if I was ready to Canter.
My bottom lip started to quiver!
But Libby talked me through it, and I calmed down.

Nice canter! Very rolling kind.
Sort of like being in a boat on water.

Grey is not my favorite color of horse,
but I am not buying for color.
She has a sweet, sweet personality, 
and I look forward to bonding with her as much as I did with Sissy.
(During the day my mind is already consumed with thoughts of Libby all the time.
At night my dreams are still of Sissy.)

But Grey does have its advantages too.
Look out Easter Bunny!!
You have competition!
I will be the only one with a colored horse! 
Isn't she just adorable?

Yes I do believe I have found my forever horse in Libby.


The Wife said...

Congrats! She's cute as a bug even all colored up!

wilsonc said...

Very cute. Breed?

Reddunappy said...

OH congrats! She is beautiful!

Cheryl Ann said...

She's BEAUTIFUL! I had never had a gray horse, either, until I got Quad. He had a worried look when he first arrived. Now, he nickers to me when he sees the car drive up! I hope you have many happy rides on her!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! That was fast! She's cute and has a huge booty, too! hehe :)

I'm glad you two are getting along well and will have some time to get to know each other before you actually buy her. I learned to do that with Apache and it has made the world of difference.

Tip: If your heart is set on riding the trails, though, before you make your final decision, ride Libby on the trail to be sure she will do so willingly. I didn't do that with Baby Doll and it was disastrous. I did that with Apache right away and that is what made up my mind to buy her. I didn't want an arena horse, I wanted to ride trails and do competitive trail riding and eventually do horse camping.

I hope she works out for you. I know you will be too sad without a horse in your life.


mrscravitz said...

Libby is a reg paint But she has mostly quarter horse in her lineage.

We did go for a short trail ride and she did real good as long as she was following another horse, which is ok, since I do not ever plan on riding trails by myself.

Lois Evensen said...

What a sweetie! And, it seems her personality is so perfect.


Gail said...

Beautiful!!!! I had already fallen in love with her before I read how awesome she is doing.

I knew you would find the perfect one. I might ride her alone to see how she does, who knows when you may want to just take off by your self and you want to make sure you are both okay with that.

Did I say she was beautiful?

Nikker said...

She sounds wonderful, and is beautiful as well! I LOVE her name, I have been waiting for a filly to name Libby! ( :

Anonymous said...

Awww! I'm so sorry to hear that Sissy just wasn't working out for you. Sounds like you did right by her though and Libby sounds like a dream!

Jocelyn said...

what breed i she? I love grey's! My first horse was a grey!

Even cuter all colored up like a My Pretty Pony!

allhorsestuff said...

Oh she is a lovely thing...what a wonderful find of a mare!
I was just thinking...I love your header...and I do, but your grey mare an you shall grace it just as nicely!