Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wow! What a ride!

What a night! It was great!
I was nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof!
But I survived.
First it was loading my horse all by myself!
Hubby was kind enough to drive me and my horse to the arena.
And even hung out the whole time I rode too!
Sadie was nervous at first.
But then settled down pretty good, 
till all the other members showed up, 
then it was just to much activity for her, and I thought
I better call it quits for the evening.
But I did get in about half an hour of riding time.
(Hubby took the pictures, and it was starting to get dark.)
Yes I wore my helmet!
The ONLY one wearing a helmet I might ad! LOL
This is Rachelle on Lily.
Gretchen on Diamond, and Rylee on Sykra.
Oh yeah, Rylee (Rachelle's daughter) wore her helmet too! LOL
Rylee loves to go fast. Gretchen and Diamond got a good workout!
Everyone did so well.
and we all had a good time.
I have been wanting to do this all summer long, but it just seemed that
I never got around to it. 
But tonight we did, and it was great!
I even unloaded my horse by myself when we got home!
Don't Laugh! 
Baby Steps!
I learn something new everyday,
and gain more confidence in what I do. 
So maybe now, next time, I can drive myself and my horse to the arena.
And get to ride a little longer too.
Sadie was more interested in talking to all the new horses! LOL
She wanted to socialize so bad! LOL
But it was fun.
It was great!
Sissy on the other hand, threw a big ole TIZZY fit when we left!
She also did the same thing when we got back. 
and that is only spending two days in the pasture with Sadie.
But When I take Sissy out, she is calm as a lark! 
It is OK if SHE goes out! Just don't leave her behind! LOL
Maybe next time, I will take her too.
I have to remember:


Mrs.C said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Baby steps is right, and is it a bit intimidating doing new things with an animal that big. I hope you get to go back again soon.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

OH W.O.W!!!! That is just AWESOME!!!!

I'm so proud of you...and Sadie!

You looked great, too!



Tami said...

Look's like a fun night! And don't worry about wearing that helmet. I wear mine all the time!