Friday, September 18, 2009

The First Virtual Protest on YoVille!

There is trouble brewing on the horizon!
It is in the YoVille virtual world on MySpace and Facebook. 

CNN NEWS has even captured the fury!

People are terribly upset on YoVille and Rightly so!
I play YoVille.
I LOVE the game. (Well I use to.)

But now it has turned in nothing more than
Farm Town
or any of those other games you grow crops and stuff on!

The reason I liked YoVille was:
I did not have to stand by my computer to make YoVille Coins.

YoVille Coins are used to decorate your house.
Purchase clothing.
Get gifts for people.
(I will not spend REAL money playing the game, but the YoVille coins are free.)

Now if you do not check in at least once a day,
You can loose a lot of coins, or not make any at all!
There are days I do not check in, and yes I do not earn my coins then either.
But I don't loose any.

Nope, If YoVille continues with this "SWEETS FACTORY" then it will be a sad state of affairs!
I will have to give up playing it!

I heard that SMALL WORLDS is better to play anyway.
I am going to go check it out!

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Mrs.C said...

I have no idea what you are talking about. LOL I'm one of the odd ones who don't play games. My hub does, as do most of my friends. I guess my brain is just wired differently.