Monday, September 7, 2009

Bike trip at the butt crack of dawn!

At the butt crack of dawn,
well actually it was 7:30 AM we meet at Pilot Truck stop.
We are headed out to North Powder to visit a high school friend of Rick's.
Plus it gets us all on our bikes.

This is me, Patricia and Becky.
Patricia got so cold riding to Pendelton, that her and Mark
came back home.
Actually down right FREEZING!
Well not ice cube freezing, but it was COLD!
We stopped in Ukiah to stretch out legs, and warm up a bit.
What the heck I was doing here, I have no idea.
Looks like I just spit! LOL
But I made a new best friend. 
This little gal was the sweetest!
The most lovable!
and had some pups somewhere. 
I really wanted to take her home with us.
I told her if she could hop on the bike and ride, 
I would take her home, and she would keep me warm!
 So I went into the little store to inquire about her,
and the store owner said she had a home with a gentleman
that lived somewhere behind the store.
I asked him what the dogs name was.
He did not know.
NOW in a little town with a population of about 100 people
and with a little dog that hung out all the time, 
You would THINK that folks would just know the answer to these types
of questions! But I guess NOT!
We took another break in the mountains.
For the longest time, I could not figure out WHY my leather jacket
acted like I did not even have it on.
I swear it felt like it was made of MESH screen.
I got quite cold.
It dawned on me at about this time, 
That liner makes a world of difference.
Even though I was wearing a t-shirt and a sweatshirt also.
After 194 miles and 5 1/2 hours we arrive!
On the corner of this street:
Lives a motel.
A motel my husbands folks owned and operated from
I could not resist taking a photo of this bench under a nice tree in the yard of the motel.
Across the street from the Motel is this little store that
Rick's good friend, Ernie's, folks ran.
This is North Powders GROCERY STORE!
From the outside it does not look like it,
but the inside had a few groceries and I think you could even order pizza here.
The one and only cafe in North Powder.
Ernie lives just two blocks from here,
so it was good to walk.
We came here and ate lunch.
Tom and Becky sitting across from Rick and Ernie.
Ernie is on a first name basis with the waitress.
Flowers on the outside of the resturant.
You see that baggie hanging?
There are pennies in it.
Does anyone KNOW WHY!!?
Close up of the flowers. There were just so pretty.
When we left the restaurant, this is the view, of the main street going through North Powder.
This is my camera on 10X zoom in!
This is the school that Rick and Ernie use to go to.
It is the high school.
Rick and Ernie. Oh what fun it was to talk about 'the days'.
 Men always seem to look at their feet when they talk.

Here Becky is waiting to get on the road.
One of the stops we made was at Meacham.
It is in the blue mountains, and they have cabins there you can rent.
These logs ARE real!
There is NOTHING between the logs like insulation! LOL
Kind of cute, but:
You can't take pets!
What the heck?
No pets?
It is not like they have carpet or anything.
I will not be renting one.
 The ride home went faster. 
It took 2 hours and was 100 miles.
The day was long!
It was good!
I had fun!
My A$$ is sore!
Gotta get a new seat if I continue to ride for long periods of time.


Mrs.C said...

A combination of some gorgeous scenery and pieces of your fella's history. I'm living through you with the bike rides!

What the heck is with the pennies in the bag??

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yeeehaw! What a great ride with good friends! You took some awesome photos. Check out your zoom! Whoohoo! And what ARE those guys looking at and talking about...the crack in the sidewalk? lol!

Too bad you weren't able to take home that cute pooch. I know you could have given it a much better life, too.
Wow. Those flowers were so pretty. Good captures!
It was so cool to see you in your leathers and with a great big smile because you were out riding. Too fun!