Sunday, September 6, 2009

Two different kinds of rides........

Today I rode Sadie in the round pen. 
She was so very patient with me!
I have a hard time getting in the saddle cause I am so short.
Sadie is a lot shorter than Sissy,
but still...
So I wound up having her straddle a railroad tie. 
That extra 9 inches made all the difference in the world.
Anyway before that, 
I slid the saddle in my first attempt.
Upright the saddle and adjust.....
Slid the saddle again!
Undo the cinches, re adjust saddle, again!
Sadie all the while would check me, and nose my butt as if to say, 
Then at one point I noticed she had her hind foot cocked.
I pointed to my hubby that this was a sign of total relaxation!
For pete sake!
She was telling me to wake up her when I got mounted! LOL
Anyway, I finally got it figured out, and rode her around. It was great!
I did not get pictures, as hubby does not think of the camera like I do!
But I do have pictures of our motocycle ride today!
We headed out....
The clouds were brewing.
It was getting darker...
Then it was getting wet!
We turned around, and headed back.
We did not have rain gear on.
Did not really think we would get rained on, as it was 
CLEAR SKIES to the Right and Rain to the left.
It was a good thing we did turn around though.
We still had a lot of fun.
Tomorrow we are going on a LONG bike ride.
We are riding to NORTH POWDER so
hubby can visit a friend.
It will be about a 280 mile round trip!
My limit is usually 30 miles........ round trip! HAHA...
This is me an Becky. The Columbia River is behind us. 
We on the Washington side of McNary Dam.
We wanted shots of the back of our coats.
These are Harley Davidson Wings.
WE are the: "ROAD ANGELS"
The guys are: "FREEDOM CRUISERS"
Me with my hubby's bike.
Becky and Tom with their bike.
Me and Hubby with his bike.
See how close they built the ground to my backside?
Now you understand why I have difficulty getting on my horse? LOL
Tom and Becky behind us.
This was a litteral, 'POINT and SHOOT'! LOL
Nice billowy clouds.
They were very meanacing earlier
and you could just see a wall of water headed toward us.
This is Umatilla from the Washington side of the river.
Tom and Becky. We are now in Umatilla.
Main Street of Umatilla, OREGON
The end of Main. Headed out of town
across the Umatilla River.
Down Hwy 730 towards home.
Pulling in our driveway.
Our house is behind the camp trailer.
Rick and I going down the road.
Now sure what they are looking at......but the sky was sure neat.
Had a lot of fun. 
We went to dinner afterwards.
We got the car and all of us rode together to the Tri-Cities
29 miles to the north of us.
We went to the Outback!
I am still in awe of how good the food was!
Simply Delicious!


VA Dan said...

You know you have a good life, don't you?

Thanks for the pics and the blog titles. Sure miss you and wish you lived down the street or even in the next state..........

Mrs.C said...

Two different kinds of rides, indeed! I'm envious of the bike. I would love to have one so hubs & I could go away on weekend rides.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well they looked at the crack in the road...and then they looked at the sky. lol! Funny guys. They must be pondering the meaning of life...or something. hehe!

Great pics. I loved seeing you in your leathers. You looked so cute in the pic showing the back of your jacket, too.

I'm glad you got to ride your horses, too. I have trouble moounting my 15.2hh mare and I'm almost 6' tall! I really need to downsize and get a 14.2hh horse one day. Hopefully I won't look to silly. lol!