Monday, June 1, 2009

Update on Hungary......

I wanted to have pictures posted by now, but I do not have a way of resizing them at this point.
So this link will have to do:
Places I have been to in Budapest
My apologies on this.
Maybe when I get to Romania later this week I will be able to put up some pictures.

I have visited a lot of places in Budapest and very busy days.
Yesterday there was a Horse Gallop event at the Heroes Square.
We went to it, and there was a lot of people.
I got a few pictures of the horses,
(really made me home sick)
but it was raining so hard, we only stuck around till we we
were drenched.

We headed back into the subway.
I really like the Subway system.
You can go all over and never need a car. The subway lets you
off only a few blocks from where you need to go.

I actually enjoy riding the subways too.
Of course me, being a people watcher, I could ride it all day
and just watch the people.
Of course I get strange looks, because I do not speak Hungarian,
and Patricia will be explaining something to me, and then
talking in Hungarian to her grama, or dad or whom ever is with us.

It is quite fun.

Still on the hunt for a good cup of coffee!
It is a rare thing here, and virtually unheard of.

I am home sick.
Till next computer time......

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Nice to hear from you and read your update. You may be homesick, but it sounds like you're enjoying yourself, too.