Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hello from HUNGARY

I made it! The flight from Portland to NY was terrifying. The take off and landing was something totally never in my experience. Once up in the air I was ok. There was a bit of turbulence.

We had a five hour lay over in NY. Did not get to see much, as you are stuck in the airport the whole time. It was a very long five hours. Then we get on the plane to Hungary. OH MY! That was a very long flight.

We boarded at 5pm west coast time. 8 pm NY time. It was just getting dark. We have only like 4 hours of darkness before it gets light once again. This was very strange to me. A lot of people slept on this flight, but I can not sleep sitting up, and the chairs are not that comfortable so needless to say, I did not sleep.

It was so good to touch down!

I finally met my Pen Pal. Attila. WOW! Many years I have waited for this.

To put time in perspective, Hungary is 9 hours ahead of West Coast time. N.Y. is 3 Hours ahead of West Coast time. So you set your alarm clock to get up at 6 am on Friday morning. Over here in Hungary I am sight seeing at 3 PM in the afternoon.

We went to see Diana's Dresses. It was fantastic, and well worth it. Pretty awesome. They however, DID NOT have any free flyers, or newspapers. I was disappointed in that!

We then took a tour of Budapest by bus which was a double decker English style of buss. It was really interesting. I am still amazed that we did not sideswipe a few cars. the streets are so narrow, and the bus's are so big! We also got to ride the subway to different areas and this was quite fun and entertaining. Such a nice way to get from point A to point B around here as the traffic is something I would never want to attempt. People have to wait till they are 18 in order to get their drivers liscense and I can see why. I am surprised they allow it at 18 and not 21. teehee.

I can not wait to put up some pictures as well as you want to see some. But soon though.


Larisa said...

So glad you made it!! I look forward to more tales.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Glad you had a safe trip. Have a grand time

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yay! You made it...even after a rocky, exhausting start.
What an interesting place, too. I wish the US would make the drivers age start at 18 as well. Maybe more young people would live longer.

I can't wait to see your pics after you return.

Have fun!